19 Screened In Porch Decor Ideas On a Budget + Love Your Space

Screened in porch decor ideas on a budget. 19 Creative and cost effective ways to makeover your enclosed porch and love your new and refreshed outdoor space.

A warm hazelnut coffee, birds gathering on the feeder, squirrels running throughout the branches. All while I watch comfortably in my pajamas from my screened in porch.

Or at least that’s how I pictured it would be.

But somehow just like the whirlwind of our recent move, there was a whirlwind of clutter gathering in the screen room.

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I had pictured a tranquil outdoor space but day by day the clutter and misplaced items were taking over.

What I really wanted was a porch makeover, but for the moment it was important to stick to the budget and make due. Doing so forced me to think outside of the box and I’m so glad I did, because buying things is easy, getting creative with what you already have, is a little more challenging.

Gardening bag and plant in a small screened in porch.


Let’s start with the basics and add from there. We’ll be looking a bit more in detail at the size of the screened porch, how you want it to be used, the flow of traffic, and little personal touches you might not have thought of, yet.

  • Outdoor rug
  • Vibrant pillows
  • Furniture to fit the space
  • End tables
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Windchimes
  • Plants and greenery

Those are all pretty basic for a screen room and probably a no brainer. But what if you have a zero budget? How can we make a screened in porch warm and inviting without spending any money?

A wicker hat hanging from a nail. A small gecko by a glass wind-chime.


For this we’re going to have to think outside of the box and get creative with things we already have on hand.

  • Outdoor lighting- Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be expansive, but even $20 on a few items adds up fast. However, if you already have white outdoor Christmas lights, and a few command hooks, then you are in business! Porch ambiance for zero dollars.
  • Water resistant pillow covers- Perhaps you have a few old pillows just waiting to be covered in a water resistant cover. Although this isn’t zero dollars, it does allow you to reuse something you already have on hand.
  • Plants and greenery + kitchen herbs- Plants add up, but you can purchase basil, mint, rosemary, ect. for just a few dollars at the grocery store and place them in your screened porch to add greenery on a budget! Bonus- Spray paint large tin cans (such as tomato or soups) to use as pots. Be sure to add proper drainage at the bottom to allow water to drain.
  • Mason jar flower vase- My girls are always handing me wildflower bouquets and the porch is the perfect place to display them. Use mason jars or glass spaghetti jars as a vase to hold their thoughtful little gifts.
Ice cold lemonade and a pitcher of flowers in the screened in porch.
  • Hat wall decor- Grab the large brimmed hats from the closet and display them proudly in the covered porch. It also gives you easy access to use them while out in the garden or reading a book.
  • Old cooler for coffee table- If you happen to have an old cooler, you can use it as a coffee table to bring your furniture together. Not only does this free up space in the garage, it also makes for the perfect height for coffee or boardgames. Not to mention it’s weatherproof!
  • Wind-chimes- Wind-chimes are the perfect lullaby on a breezy afternoon, but maybe you don’t have one, yet. Our girls love collecting broken seashells but once they get home we’re not quite sure what to do with them. So the other day we decided to make seashell wind-chimes. Of course they don’t chime the same but it really wasn’t the point. We were able to create a fun craft using something they love collecting using only a stick, twine, and a few broken seashells. Note- Make sure you are aware of any laws or guidelines prohibiting the collection of seashells in your area. No Beach wind-chime ideas- Old keys, bottle caps, silverware, beads, ect.
Sea glass wind chime with a bright green gecko on the screened in porch screen.
  • Serving tray- Another must have on the screened in porch is a simple serving tray. But, honestly, anything flat could become a tray. A large picture with frame, a heavy duty mirror. Ok, maybe that’s it. But you get my point.
  • Baskets- Baskets and picnic baskets are a perfect idea for screened in porch decor. Beach bags are even better. They add texture and interest along with function. Inside you can store extra water-resistant pillows, card games, or gardening tools.
  • Curtains- Right around dinner time the sun is in the perfect location to have me squinting across our small table. And of course I’ve been thinking of out of the box ideas to combat the issue. My husband wants the draw string outdoor, bamboo looking, curtains. They are nice and I’d love to have them but I’m ok with other options as well. A curtain rod full of hanging plants and ferns, mold and mildew resistant curtains, or a tension rod with leftover fabric draping on each side.
  • Screen door refresh- How is the screen door holding up? Does it need a little TLC or even a fresh coat of paint? Just that small change will make the room feel so much brighter.
  • Wall art and more- Wicker placemats, thrift store frames, rectangle baskets flipped on the side to make a shelf, mirrors, DIY wind-chimes, old hats and more!
    • Metal watering can
    • Large water jugs
    • Wooden crates
    • Binoculars
    • Old lanterns

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Looking around our home I was able to find several of these items to add to our screened in porch makeover. With each discovery I was in awe with how I could use something I already had on hand. It’s easy to get caught up in a list of new things you want to buy, but everyone’s budget looks so different these days. So get creative with what you have and love the space you’re in.

Screened in porch makeover. Before and after. From clutter to enjoyable space with large green plants.


Even though we have a small budget to makeover our screened in porch, there are still several ways we can turn this small space into an enjoyable gathering place.


Start by taking everything out of the screen room to really give it a good cleaning. This forces you to put away the items that don’t belong such as boots, chalk and other things that have gathered over time.

Looking at a blank space you can really see the dust and dirt upfront and find motivation to get things cleaned up!

Dirt and spills on floor, cleaned to look like new.
  • Clear the space
  • Create a pile for items to donate
  • Clean light fixtures and fans
  • Wipe down siding using a damp cloth
  • Sweep and clean the floors
Cluttered screened in porch to organized space.


Our screened in porch is the only way to get into the backyard which means that everyday, multiple times a day, our dog needs to go outside. This means we need to have good traffic flow in the room and we need to place furniture accordingly.

  • How do you want to use the space
  • Keep the natural flow of traffic open
  • Place furniture with a purpose and don’t overcrowd
    • Use chairs and tables that are appropriately sized for the covered room
  • Free up floorspace by using hanging baskets or add a vertical garden
  • Add small, personal, details from the home.
    • Large brimmed hats
    • Cooler coffee table
    • Metal watering cans
Screened in porch with added decor found around the house. Such as hats and wind-chimes.
Ice cold pitcher of lemonade.


Even with a tight budget we were able to find 19 beautiful screened in porch decor ideas that make this space bright and inviting. So I encourage you to think outside of the box, and to take a look a what you have with a fresh pair of eyes.

We’ll see you on our next project!


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