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Hey there, I’m Sara. The content creator and photographer behind this website. 

I grew up in New England with apple picking and a short drive to the ocean.

Our family would have potluck lunches with family friends on the weekends, followed by all of us cramming into a few cars for a walk around a lake or a drive to the ocean. 

Us kids/teens would explore along the beach, while the adults would linger back and talk about boring adult things. E.g. home projects, family recipes and traveling with kids.

Maudslay State Park was one of our favorite after lunch destinations and where my husband met my parents for the first time.

I had a job at a photography studio that I loved! An apartment with large windows, a balcony and hardwood floors. Our nicest piece of furniture was our futon that followed us probably longer then it should have.

Eventually the day came when my then boyfriend, now husband, said he was joining the military. The options were in or out and I chose in.

We have two beautiful girls and two sweet dogs. We move from time to time and family potlucks and walks haven’t happened the way I had imagined. 

They’ve turned into backyard BBQs, welcoming new people into our lives, and every once in a while having to say goodbye.

I write about the places we’ve been, things we’ve learned, and our journey of turning this house into home. All while sticking to a budget. Because as much as I like the Joneses, I don’t need to impress them.

My accent and lack of R’s says enough. Well, only when I get back home and talk to my aunts. Otherwise I have most my R’s. It’s the Y’alls here I have to worry about.

So grab a Dunkins coffee and read some wicked good stuff, and y’all come back.


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