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Weekend camping trip to Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas. Devil’s Den campsite photos, plus family hikes and things to do.

We’ve turned into camping monsters! The trips are booked and we’re learning as much as we can about camping in the (new to us) travel trailer. That also means we’re now exploring out of our normal, two hour, comfort zone.

This time we explored Devil’s Den State Park and everything their campsites had to offer.

Luckily, a couple weeks before our camping trip, we talked to a park ranger at another state park and he gave us a huge tip and saved our travel trailer pulling, tails.

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Just like a lot of state parks in the area, Devil’s Den campsites fill up fast. So be sure to book well in advance and maybe even stalk the website for cancellations.

Devil’s Den Camping

Devil’s Den State Park has camping sites for tents, RVs and equestrian. They also offer cabins with different amenities. Some include full kitchens and bathrooms, while the camper cabins offer a bit less in the way of glamping. Be sure to check the Devil’s Den State Park website and click the “book now” button for more details.

Campground E

Campground area E is where you’ll be staying if you have a travel trailer or similar. It’s mostly shaded and consists of a left and right loop. We stayed at site 77 which is on the left side as you drive in.

Campsite with travel trailer at Devil's Den State Park, Arkansas.

Looking at just the website map, we had originally booked campsite 92. The map made it appear as if there was nice space between site 92 and site 90.

Did you know you can view this campground through google maps? Just be sure to select the street view and you can walk your way around campground E.

Campground area E

Walking around with the street view we saw that the space on the map was actually a maintenance road and our fire pit was a bit closer to the road than we would have liked. The next day we called and they were happy help us find an open site with a bit more room to fit our needs.

Campground area E

Hiking at campground area E

Our favorite part about campground area E was how easy it was to get to the trails from the campsites. Right outside your door you have Woody Plant Trail and Lake Trail.

Woody Plant Trail

Woody Plant Trail is only 1/4 mile long, but it runs into Lake Trail and follows the river up towards the dam waterfall and docks. Perfect for a morning stroll with a cup of coffee and two happy kids and dogs.

Docks by the dam waterfall

Devil’s Den Cabins

Devil’s Den State Park has two different types of cabin categories. Camping cabins and full service cabins.

Camping Cabins- Camping cabins are a little less glamping and a bit more camping.

There is no kitchen and guests need to provide their own linens. There is also no bathroom inside your cabin but a bathhouse located within walking distance nearby. However, they do offer a screened in porch, dinning area, grill, and it’s even heated and has air conditioning.

Camper Cabins

Full Service Cabins- Full service cabins offer a bit more in the way of comfort. They include bathroom, kitchen, cookware, linens and satellite television. These cabins do vary in size to accommodate for larger parties, so be sure to reserve one that fits your needs.

One of their full service cabins available to rent

Whether you’re doing a bit more camping or full on glamping, both cabin options offer trails a short distance nearby. Some cabins are even dog-friendly. You can view more details and photos, along with dates available, on their website at Devil’s Den State Park.

*Tip- If after clicking the book now button on their website, it shows no availability, click the change request button above. The change request button will show you dates available or dates unavailable by being grayed out. If instead you just click the back button, you won’t be able to see any grayed out dates and it’s a bit of a guessing game.

Tent Campground

Devil’s Den offers tent sites along loop A, that have a tent pad and bathhouse just a short walk away. They also have hike-in sites available.

Hike-in sites along loop D are just a short walk to the tent pad. Whereas the Hike-in campground across from loop A, are located on the opposite side of Lee Creek. Hike-in spots do need to be reserved in advance, so be sure to call or book online to make a reservation. You can check out the Devil’s Den State Park campground map, or give them a call for more information.

Equestrian Campground

The equestrian campground at Devil’s Den State Park, is located just past campground E on Lee Creek Rd.

This campground area is well shaded and has electric and water hookups, along with restrooms and showers. Located on this campground loop are three trailheads. Vista Point and Gorley King Horse Trailheads and Old Road Horse Trailhead.

Things to do

Swimming- Devil’s Den State Park has a seasonal pool with small waterslides. The pool opens Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend and is free to cabin guests. Other guests pay a small entrance fee of $5 per person for ages 6 and up, and $4 per person for ages 2-5. They also have family passes available.

Cafe- Open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Boat Rental- Devil’s Den has an 8 acer lake where you can go fishing or rent a paddle boat. Open seasonally- Call for more details.

Basketball hoop & ball field- Along campground E is a basketball hoop and ball field. It’s also a great area for kids to ride bikes.

Basketball hoop along campground area E

Picnics- You’ll find picnic tables scattered though-out this state park. So be sure to bring a table cloth and basket.

Picnic tables at the trailhead of Lake Trail

Hiking- This state park has several kid friendly hiking trails.

  • Lake Trail
  • Woody Plant
  • Devil’s Den Trail
  • Lee Creek Trail
  • Yellow Rock Trail

For a full detailed list on each trail, visit Devil’s Den State Park | 6 Family Hikes. There, you’ll find some tips on hikes with younger children and trail loops that are easier one way, than the other.

Yellow Rock Trail

Also in the area is Moonshiners Cave. An unofficial trail located just outside of Devil’s Den State Park. It is said, that in the 1920’s, bootleggers used this cave to make moonshine.

Moonshiners Cave- Unofficial trail located outside of Devil’s Den State Park

Road to take with a Travel Trailer

In the beginning I mentioned how a park ranger at another state park completely saved our tails. While visiting Lake Ouachita State Park, we were told that any trailer over 25 feet must take exit 53.

If you are coming North from I-49 do not take route 74-exit 45, into the park. Instead take route 170-exit 53. There is a switchback road leading into the park that any trailer over 25 feet will not make it through.

Switchback road leading into Devil’s Den off of route 74

Although this is stated in the reservations, it’s towards the middle and not bold. It also says it on an exit sign, but the area is so beautiful on the highway I can see how it might be overlooked.

*Note- The visitors center parking lot is very small. It might be best to park your camper at the site, and then check-in.

Devil’s Den State Park is a gorgeous place to go camping. To relax and take a step away from our busy lifestyles. This area even helps you with that by having little to no cell phone service in the valley, but they do offer wifi for a charge.

Several hikes take you out of the valley just high enough that you might be able to receive a few texts or make a call. The overlook along Yellow Rock Trail had a bit of cell service, but that might depend on your provider.

Morning walk on Woody Plant Trail

This family friendly campground is perfect for riding bikes, making s’mores over the fire pit and sleeping under the stars. For morning walks along the river and reading a book to the sounds of kids playing and laughing nearby.

So bring your bug spray and hiking boots and get out and explore this beautiful state park.

Best Wishes~Sara

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2 thoughts on “Devil’s Den Camping | Arkansas State Parks”

  1. Excellent description of one of our favorite places. We just booked our 4th stay there. We’ve done all 6 of the family trails you mentioned. Last time we did Devil’s Raceway, just off Campground E. It’s a combo hiking trail, horse trail, and off road biking trail. We encountered friendly bikers and horseback riders but mostly had this gorgeous trail to ourselves. It’s an in and out trail that dead ends at a spectacular spot on the river. One of my favorite trails there. And yes, the switchback highway is a scenic drive WITHOUT your RV!

    1. PorchLightReading

      Thank you for your feedback! Devil’s Den is truly a gem. We’ll have to check out the Devil’s Raceway trail next time we are there 🙂

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