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DIY fall porch sign made from dollar store finds and leftover material. Easy weekend craft to add to your fall porch decor.

I love browsing through Pinterest and seeing all those beautiful fall porches. Pumpkins, mums, corn stalks, bales of hay. The entire walkway is covered in beautiful fall decorations with only a few inches to walk by.

But those seasonal fall decorations add up, and this family is on a budget. So when you see old fencing on the side of the road for the trash man, you grab it quick! Because mama wants a fall porch sign. And that means I’ll have to make it.

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Seasonal decor in this household seems to be something that doesn’t get much attention. We have some big goals for the future and if we’re going to get there, we need to stick to the budget.

That’s not to say we can’t get creative. Not everyone can keep up with the latest trends or neighbors spot on home decor. And that’s ok!

So I’m here to show you how we made this DIY fall porch sign and kept to our budget.

This is our own personal experience. Be sure to practice tool safety and follow manufacture instructions.



  • glue
  • paint brush
DIY fall porch sign made with leftover materials and dollar store finds.

The neighbor down the street was getting rid of some old fence panels, so we politely asked if could have a couple. Hmmm… ok. He really watched us from the yard as we politely asked and his response was a mix of yes and a look of, those crazy kids are digging through the trash again.

We brought the panels home and trimmed them to size.

Trim panel to size.

Then we painted the front of the panel the color buckwheat flour in flat by BEHR.

Painting wood panel.

At the local Dollar Tree we found a plastic leaf candy dish before we headed to another store and found wood letters for just under a couple of dollars each. There we also picked up 3 small styrofoam pumpkins and stencils.

Close up of fall sign.

I secured the styrofoam pumpkins with hot glue and used wood glue for the letters and candy dish. Then I used the stencil for the word happy before allowing this beauty to dry.

This entire project only took a couple of hours to complete and I absolutely love it!

This sign isn’t perfect by any means, but I saw the opportunity to make something I’ve been wanting and jumped on it. Of course with any project the cost is going to depend on what materials you have on hand. If you already have paint in the garage and a few leftover wood panels, then you have a great start to your own DIY fall porch sign.

If you do need a different paint color, head to the local home improvement store and pick up a few sample sizes. You can choose your color from the wall display and can usually pick those sample sizes up for about $5 each.

Hopefully this craft helps inspire you to get creative with what you already have on hand or maybe with things you find along the way.

Best Wishes ~Sara

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