Garage Shelving and Workbench DIY


Garage shelving and workbench. How we built our garage shelving and workbench with 4 shelves and an 8 foot workbench.

Every month or so I get completely overwhelmed by stuff! We have baskets and bins to help curb the crazy. 

  • Shoe basket
  • Lego bin
  • Magnet block basket

You get the idea. So now that the weather is getting nicer we have turned to playing with chalk and bikes in the driveway. 

Making a mess of our garage. 

So we needed a garage basket… no no, shelves. Yeah, that’s where adults put their things. 


garage shelving and workbench

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This is our own personal experience. Be sure to measure properly for your own garage shelving and workbench combo. Always seek professional guidance. Always follow your manual and practice tool safety.




  • Approx 30- 2″x4″s
  • 10- 2’x4′ OSB (shelving) Fun Fact- We found it was cheaper to buy 2- 4’x8′ boards and ask them to cut it down to 2’x4’s. It saved us roughly 10$. 
  • 2- 2’x4′ Sanded Pine Plywood for the workbench
  • Pegboard + Hooks for hanging the tool. (The pegboard in the photo is 2-2’x4′ put together to make 2’x8′) 
  • Spray Paint (for the pegboard) 
Garage shelving


Easy project for a nice weekend day. 

At the time of this project cost us just under $200 for the wood, OSB and sanded plywood for the bench. We had the pegboard and hooks already on hand and spray painted. Along with long screws and the tools we used. 


We decided on building 4 shelves at 2 feet apart. That would take us up to 8 feet with a nice top shelf with a 2 foot clearance to the ceiling. 

The workbench would be 2′ x 8′ with the bench resting at 3 feet high. As you can see the mini fridge fits snuggly underneath. Make sure you take that into consideration if you go that route. 

The frame for the workbench is 6’5″ tall by 8′ long, giving us a nice 3′ x 8′ space inside to hang tools but also allowing for another shorter shelf on top of the workbench. All while keeping the garage door in mind. 

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  • 14- 2X4’s
  • 24- 21″ supports
  • 8- 2’x4′ OSB boards

We used 14- 2″x4″s and 8- 21 inch boards (for the sides) making the shelves two feet deep.  Then worked from the bottom up. Adding additional 21″ supports in the middle of each shelf.  One on either side of the center board and in the center of each side. 

14- 2″x4″x8

After the frame and first bottom shelf was in place, we decided to attach the back 2x4s so we could anchor it to the wall. Then continued making our frame, adding the support and then securing the OSB shelf. 

24- 21″ support boards

We cut the corners of the OSB to fit around the 2×4 boards to include the middle support. 

*Note- we have base boards around the garage. In order to have it fit flush to the wall, we needed the center vertical support boards on the inside of the frame. 

When we arrived at the second to the top shelf we needed to take off the front 2×4 to fit the OSB  in place. We reattached it and finished that section off with the top OSB. 


  • 4- 2″x4″x8′
  • 4- 2″x4″x6’5″
  • 10- 21″ supports
  • 3- 36″ supports
  • 2- 2’x4′ OBS (top shelf)
  • 2 – 2’x4′ Plywood (workbench)
  • Pegboard+boards to anchor (optional)

The workbench area is 6.5 feet tall, 8 feet long and 2 feet deep (matching the depth of our shelving.)

The workbench height is 3 feet with 3 feet between the workbench to the top shelf. 

We attached the two 6’5″ boards to the shelving we just put in place. 

Then we anchored the 2-2″x4″x8′  (back of the workbench and top shelf) to the wall. 

We attached the workbench legs, support boards and topped it off with the sanded pine plywood for the top of the workbench.

Next we added all the framing and support for the top shelf and finished it off with the remainder OSB. 

We anchored 2-24″ boards to the wall, and attached the peg board. 

Finally we finished up our workbench by organizing our tools and filling the mini fridge with refreshments. 

This was an easy weekend project that I only wish we had done sooner. Of course there are other ways to build garage shelves. Given the base board around our garage floor and keeping our wants in mind for the workbench, this design works perfect for us. 

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