Make your own Halloween candy chute for a fun trick or treat experience

How to make a Halloween candy chute. Easy candy chute for when you have no handrail. Quick weekend DIY project.

Halloween is looking a little different this year and the easy thing would be to turn your light off. To ignore those few children who are dressed up as princesses and goblins.

But as a parent, we’ve said no to everything this year. We’ve put plans on hold and canceled things last minute. So even though we won’t be roaming the neighborhood, we want to participate in a safe-ish way.

For those few parents and kids alike that are hoping for a little fun and a little distance with a Halloween candy chute!

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halloween candy chute, no handrails

Be sure to practice tool safety and measure to fit your own home and walkway.

We made this Halloween candy chute decision, last minute, and we would have completed this project in just a few hours! Except it rained. All. Day. Every. Day.

So if you think it’s to late, it’s not!



  • 10 foot PVC Pipe (3 Inch opening)
  • Angled connector
  • Spray paint
  • Electrical tape
  • Sandpaper
  • 1-2×4 (we used one leftover from a project)
  • Plywood (leftover)
  • 6-Screws


  • Circular saw
  • Drill
  • Dremel


Lightly sand the PVC pipe so that the spray paint sticks. Sand the edges of the top opening a well.

Add your connector and spay paint both the outside and inside of the pipe.

10 foot sanded PVC pipe
Outside and inside of the PVC pipe spray painted orange
Sanded opening of the PVC pipe spray painted orange on the outside and inside.


Pre drill a hole into the PCV pipe and use a Dremel to cut a hole large enough to get a screw into the bottom of the pipe.

Cut your 2×4 to the desired height, keeping enough of an angle on it to allow the candy to easily slide through.

On both stands, saw at a 20 degree angle to attach it to the pipe.

Attach the plywood base.

Pre drilling a hole to attach the base to the PVC pipe
Using a Dremel to cut a larger hole into the PVC pipe
Candy cute attached to 2x4
Both stands attached to the candy chute

Finishing Touches

If the weather had been nicer we would have spray painted the bases before attaching them to the candy chute. But it was just as easy to tape off and spay paint it later.

We added electrical tape for a more Halloween feel and before the big night, we’ll turn the connector facing down so that the candy can drop right into their candy bucket.

orange and black candy cute with wood stand.
candy chute with halloween candy bucket underneath it.

So whether you decide to pass out candy with a candy chute, or decide to turn your light off completely. Remember that we’re all just doing our best in 2020. A year that seems to be a lot more trick than treat!

Happy Halloween!

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