How to make a Double Fence Gate – existing fence


How to make a double fence gate from a single gate. Using our existing fence to make a double gate to our backyard and the steps we took.

How to turn your single fence gate into a double gate

When looking for a home a fenced in yard was high on the list of must haves. However, you don’t exactly get to choose double or single gate. Do you really need a double gate anyway?

Yes, yes you do. But only that one time for that one project. 

Fine! Get the saw! We’re doing this. 

How to make a double gate from an existing fence

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For a while we made do with the single gate but since upgrading to a riding mower, we needed a few more inches to get through to the backyard. 

We weren’t ready to shell over for a new fence so we made do. 


  • 1-4×4 8′ post
  • 1-2×4
  • Quick Crete
  • 2 more Gate Hinges or Double gate kit
  • Drop Rod
  • PVC Pipe 


  • Shovel
  • Drill/Impact Driver
  • Saw Horse
  • Circular Saw
  • Reciprocating Saw 
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Clamps 

Make sure to always check building codes and city ordinances, and call 811 for the location of utility lines. Always practice tool safety. This is our own personal experience. It is recommended that you seek professional advise.

Location of the new post for the double gate

Wanting to reuse as much of the original gate as possible, we knew we were going to have one gate that was a little larger. 

Location of new post to make a double gate


The fence needs to continue to be strong so we followed the recommended post depth. The recommendation being 1/3 to 1/2 the post length with a diameter for a 4×4 being 12 inches. 

Once the hole was at the proper depth we secured it with quick crete using a level as we went along. 

Using quick crete to secure the post


After the quick crete was set, we removed the existing hardware and cut the fence at the new post. 

We then used the 2×4 to brace the existing fence and attached the hardware for the gates. 

New gate out of existing fence


Since we were reusing the hardware for the latch, we needed to put in a drop rod. A drop rod essentially holds one side of the fence in place, keeping it closed against the wind. 

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We cut a piece of PVC pipe at an angle and hammered it into the ground, making a home for the drop rod. 

Adding a drop rod to hold the gate closed

Our double gate for cheapish

After shaving off a bit of the bottom fence for a smoother opening, we were finished. It’s not perfect but for less than $60 we were able to make a double fence gate, using our existing fence. For what we needed it’s working great and very stable.

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How to make a double gate from an existing fence

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