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How to make a projector screen. Double sided projector screen and picture frame. Turning a spare room into a movie room.

how to make a projector screen

Our family is a movie loving family. Not a TV family, but awesome movies. Harry Potter, Star Wars, all the Disney and everything adventure.

We make entire events out of it! Starting at the grocery store for homemade bacon wrapped jalapeño popper ingredients, and hot apple cider. The kids help with the popcorn and we make our way to our DIY movie room.

Sure we could just watch it in the living room, but this is so much more fun!

how to make a projector screen

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During the summer months you can catch us out on the deck watching movies with a pull down projector screen, but it doesn’t work for our spare room. It’s too big, too heavy and too ugly!

So I asked my awesome husband if we could figure out how to make a double sided projector screen and picture frame. Sounds simple enough? I bet we could do it in two hours.


Be sure to practice safety when using tools and follow manufacture guidelines.


For a 60in x 34.5in projector screen.

  • 6- 1×1.5×8 trim
  • Thick white curtain larger than your screen size (we used a blackout white curtain)
  • Fabric for the decorative side, larger than screen size (fabric shower curtain or curtain with a nice design)
  • Finishing nails
  • Staples
  • Picture hanging hooks, ring hanger style


  • Circular saw
  • Saw horses
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun
  • Square
  • Clamps
  • Safety glass

We started off by hanging shelving at the appropriate height for the projector to display on the wall. Turn on the projector and measure how large your screen is. Our screen size is 60in x 34.5in.

Your measurement will be different than ours depending on your rooms size. So make sure you measure accordingly. This may also change your material list slightly.

DIY movie room


  • 4-60inch top and bottom
  • 6-31.5inch sides (frame+support)
  • 2- to size middle support

Make your frame and secure with finishing nails.

using a circular saw to make a frame
using a square for the projector screen
using clamps to hold frame while nailing the other side


Center support for projector screen


Pull your white curtain taut and secure with staple gun. Tuck in the edges.

Folding the corners to staple the curtain
Stapling the white curtain to the frame

Attach decorative curtain, pull tight and staple. Cut the excess fabric.


You want this projector screen and picture frame to be anchored to the wall. So take the time to find the studs to figure out exactly where you should place your picture ring hangers on the frame.

Ours are slightly off center on the trim to be able to hang it from a stud.

Attach the ring hangers on the inside of the frame so that each side (projector screen and picture frame) can reach the screw that hold it to the wall.

attaching ring hanger to frame


Attaching frame to decorative curtain

You’re done! And that’s how to make a projector screen and picture frame. Now when the movie side isn’t in use, we have a nice framed picture for any guests that might stop by.

I wouldn’t call this light, but I was able to switch it from the movie screen to the framed picture myself. Well, with the help of a step ladder. And I’m sure you see in the photo above that we attached the frame before cutting the excess decorative curtain. Make it easier on yourself and cut the excess before attaching the frame.

DIY projector screen
decorative picture side of the double sided projector screen and frame

We did run into a little snag. It seems we pulled our white curtain too tight, causing it to not be completely square and pulling from the wall about an inch and a half. As you can imagine, it annoys my husband beyond belief. Keep that in mind when pulling and stapling your fabric.

DIY movie room

How long does this project take?

I have no idea! It most definitely did not take two hours. From going to Home Depot, curtains, cutting and measuring, it took us longer than expected. We stopped for lunch and then had to pick up the kids. I’d say a few good hours BUT now you know exactly how we did it.

Hopefully that saves you some time.

Ok, we are ready for a winter movie marathon! Bring on the popcorn!

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