Tooth Fairy FORGOT!

The tooth fairy forgot

The Tooth Fairy Forgot to come…twice. As our children get older they start to question if the Tooth Fairy and all of her friends are real. When is it time to tell the truth?

The tooth Fairy made a little mistake. But not just once… No no… That might have been completely acceptable. The tooth fairy forgot to come twice… in a row… for the same tooth.

My oldest daughter still believes in magic. She’s seven and questioning, but part of her wants to hold on to it.

She’s questioned Santa and even though I turn the question back on her, Well what do you think? She’s catching on.

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The tooth fairy forgot to come

We’ve never been one to play to much into things. We don’t go looking for Santa. There are no mall photos of the Jolly old man or the Easter Bunny.

But you know what, believing in a little magic should happen as a kid. And because we don’t go looking for them, it makes it a little more mysterious.

I’m going to hold on to that magic just a little while longer, because when the Tooth Fairy disappears Santa will be next on the list.

So how in the world did the Tooth Fairy forget TWICE in a row…

The tooth popped out during family dinner. She was eating asparagus ( I know that sounds like a lie, but its not!)

Since we’ve lost a few teeth now, we were excited for a moment and moved on to cleaning up.

That night she tucked the tooth under her pillow and was off to have sweet little kid dreams. The next morning this magical creature would have dropped off a dollar ( Ya guys, a dollar. Cut this $5 tooth crap, out!)

But the tooth fairy didn’t hold up her end of the deal.

The next moring she came to me disappointed. I asked her to show me where she put the tooth.

Guys… She made a house for the tooth fairy. But that night, when I thought she was sleeping, she was creeping around the house.

She found a piece of cotton for a pillow and set up a tiny blanket in case she wanted a nap. Then put some water in a tiny tea cup for her!

The tooth fairy forgot to come

I messed up and her eyes were questioning if the tooth fairy was even real.

So what do you do when you try to get out of trouble?

You come up with excuses

  • Maybe Santa Claus was having a dental emergency and needed the Tooth Fairy’s help
  • She can’t fly in the rain
  • Maybe she got lost?
  • Do you think that she used all of her pixy dust and Terrance wouldn’t give her more?
  • Maybe your tooth was so stuck under the pillow that she couldn’t get it.
  • Do you think she went to our old house instead?
  • Well… you were out of bed 6 times, maybe she saw you.

In the end I asked her what she thought could have happened. And since Santa ate a bunch of cookies over Christmas, he probably needed her help.

She washed her tooth with soap and water and put it back under the pillow.

That Night

I was going to make it extra special. Glitter on the dollar, an apology letter. She was going to drink the entire glass of water that was left our for her.

The next morning she ran up for me with a big gap toothed smile.

“Mom! She came!”

She held up her note and then held out her hand.

“but she forgot the tooth.”

OH COME ON! Do I even Fairy?!

Apparently not.

Um… Excuses…

Hey didn’t you wash that tooth with soap and water? I bet it was so slippery clean that it kept slipping out of her hand!

Oh my goodness, that’s so crazy!

She allowed the excuse with a high pitched “Ya!” and wondered off to dirty up her tooth a little.

Yes… I finally did remember the tooth that night.

Allowing the Magic to Continue vs. The Truth

There is a difference between strait up lying to your kids and allowing the magic to continue.

Santa has maybe one more good year in him before she’ll be ready to let go of that little bit of make believe magic and become the magic for her little sister.

When her times comes to help me be Santa and to help me be the Tooth Fairy, I know she’ll be great at it. She’ll add extra glitter to the dollar and make the best Fairy Hotel this town as ever seen!

But until that time comes…. I now set an alarm on my phone.

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The tooth fairy forgot to come
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