We Ditched Cable | How we still watch Live TV for FREE

The day we ditched cable

How to cut cable and get free tv without the large cable bill. 

In 2017 our family decided to ditch cable. We originally had a package that included cable and Internet, which was great! 

But after being with them for three years and playing the ‘my promo ran out, I want another deal’ game, they said no.

They said no which they had every right to do, but we didn’t want to pay those prices anymore. So we moved!


Ditch cable- how to get free tv


Ok, so we were moving anyway, but we had decided that this game of calling when our promo was up, was over!  

We set ourselves up with Internet, Netflix (did you know you can order Netflix gift cards on amazon so that you don’t have to pay a Netflix bill every month?) and Amazon Prime. 

Everything was great, until football season came around. All we wanted to do was hang out in our pajamas, eat nachos and cheer on our favorite team from afar.


There had to be another way! One that didn’t come with a crazy price tag once the promo ended. 

My husband and I sat at the kitchen table and brainstormed until finally he said 

‘How about an antenna?’

What? What was this 1982? All I could imagine was this ugly hanger on top of the house. Turns out I was wrong. Antennas have come a long way. 

No longer are they lightning rods that make your roof look awesome. They look like thin mouse pads that can hang in your window and connect to your smart TV.


We turned to our trusty friend Amazon Prime and received our antenna in two days. After setting it up and hanging it behind our curtain, we were ready to search for channels.  Wow!

We had about 30 channels all in high definition! 

The lower kids channels, news, weather, game shows, sitcoms, reality shows and we had football. So now on Sundays when our favorite team is playing, you can find us hanging out in our pajamas, with a plate of nachos, cheering on our favorite team from afar.

  • The amount of channels you receive depend on how far you are away from the tower. You could get a few more, you could get a few less.  
  • Depending on where you are located you will get the team your area decides to broadcast. Since we are away from home sometimes our team is on, sometimes they are not. Which isn’t a big deal for us. More of a compromise.
  • There is no pause, rewind or recording. This is old school. Teach your kids how fun it is to grab a snack and use the restroom in three minuets.
  • We found other things plugged into the power strip caused interference. After unplugging them the channels came in great. 
  • Bad weather can affect your viewing. 
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Ditch cable- how to get free tv
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