The Old Mill Little Rock, Arkansas


Visiting The Old Mill in North Little Rock, Arkansas. What The Old Mill is famous for along with other sculptures in the three acre park.

Once upon a time…

The Old Mill in North Little Rock looks like it came right out of a storybook! The log bridge leading to the mill, cobble stone paths and a twisted tree branch walkway bringing you from one side of the park to the other.

Although the landscape around the mill has grown over the years, it’s still recognizable and famous for being in the opening credits of the 1939 movie, Gone With The Wind. Making this a popular tourist spot to anyone traveling through the Little Rock area.


The Old Mill Little Rock, AR


The Old Mill was built in 1933 and designed to look old from the beginning. The developer, Justin Matthews, intended it to look like an old abandoned water-powered grist mill that would have been used by local pioneers in the 1800’s.

View from the second story window of the mill

Matthews called upon Dionicio Rodriguez, a Mexican artist who sculpted the mill and bridges to look like wood and logs, even though they were made from concrete.

Concrete log bridge and branches designed to look like wood

The entire look and feel of the park, mill and bridges is completely deceiving.

You do, in fact, feel like you’ve taken a trip back in time while walking around this piece of artwork. You touch the stone bridge convinced that it’s real wood and you walk into the mill feeling like this was once someone’s life.

Looking out from the second story of the mill you feel as if you’re in a storybook. With water flowing from the waterwheel, making its way down the stream and under bridges to the larger pond surrounded by plant life.

Where the turtles sunbathe on the rocks and ducks quack at the occasional guest who’s in their way.

View from the window of the mill

For many it’s the perfect backdrop for that family photo and can even be reserved for weddings. But for us, it’s the perfect location to bring family visiting from out of town. Because who doesn’t want to start their family visit like something from a fairytale?

So if you’re new to the area, just passing through or haven’t been to The Old Mill since you were a kid, take the short drive to North Little Rock and visit this peaceful, picturesque park.

The End…

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