29 Camper Gadgets & Comfort For a Better Camping Experience

29 Camper gadgets and comfort accessories to keep you feeling at home and organized and on your next camping trip. Plus one gadget for pet safety.

Camping as a family today is a lot different from camping as a family when I was younger. The station wagon was packed with tents, air mattresses and coolers, while today we camp with an entire house towed behind us.

That doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and daisies. It still comes with its fair share challenges, checklists, and things to remember to help keep the family comfortable and organized.

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There are a few things that always stay in the camper but since we store it at a storage facility, most things need to come out after every trip. So we found a small corner in the garage to store our camper essentials for an easier packing day.

Over time you’ll find your own favorite things to pack and you’ll upgrade to cooler gadgets, but for now here are a few must have accessories to get you started.

Camper Gadgets, Comfort and Organization

Once you get to the campsite and settled in, it’s nice to have a few camper gadgets and comfort accessories to make it feel a little more like home. Sometimes that means a nice chair but even more important is keeping the mosquitos and flies away from you.

Outdoor camping gadgets. Lights, hooks and canopies.

Outdoor Accessories

Since we already had a canopy all we needed was a mosquito netting to go with it. If you don’t have one yet it’s a great investment. Not only does it keep out the bugs, it also keeps out the kids if you tell them “if you touch that zipper one more time there will be no s’mores later.”

The Thermacell mosquito repellant was also one of our favorite purchases. Instead of dousing ourselves in bug spray, this little device repels mosquitos up to 20 feet. It’s especially nice when you have no water hook ups and need to conserve water.

Canopy tent with mosquito netting

Not everyone is interested in hanging a line in between trees to dry their damp towels. Luckily, you can pick up some towel suction hooks to hang on the outside of your camper instead. Might as well get the flip flops off the floor too with magnet hooks.

Towel hooks on the side of a travel trailer.
Small magnet hooks on the steps of a camper, holding flip flops.

When we first started using our outdoor kitchen we were cooking without a folding table. After a few trips I decided we really needed a prep area. This adjustable height folding table was perfect! Compact, light weight and can be used as a tall prep station, medium height for a dinner table or adjusted to its lowest setting for a game of cards or board game.

Adjustable folding table used as a prep station for breakfast.

Outdoor Comfort

Making our campground feel like home is one of the benefits to this type of camping. With oversized chairs and twinkling shatterproof lights, we’re able to play board games well past sunset.

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Campsite with chairs gathered around the campfire.

We use our picnic and beach blanket constantly! It folds up nicely with a zipper and has a strap to be carried on your shoulder. It becomes our table cloth while camping or brought to the beach on lake days. Since it’s water resistant it’s easy to keep clean no matter how we decide to use it.

Indoor camper organization tips. Toothbrush holders and storage.

Indoor Organization

When space is limited you need to use what little space you have wisely. That means better ways to organize. Even something as little as tooth brushes on the counter can make your camper feel messy.

The broom is something I used multiple times a day. With kids, pets and just the constant in and out, we have no choice but to keep the broom close by. Keeping it organized with a broom holder wall mount is a bonus.

Broom wall mounts with commend strips.

Indoor Pet Accessories

Our dogs were a big reason on why we decided to buy a camper. It was important that we could bring our entire family with us on camping trips and mini vacations. But that means needing to know they are comfortable and safe in the camper if we step away for a bit.

It’s nice to know that when you do step away from the camper that pets are comfortable in the cool air conditioner. With the MarCELL Cellular Temperature, humidity and power monitor you can put your mind at ease while keeping your fur babies safe.

This system monitors any changes in temperature and sends an alert right to your phone.

MarCELL Cellular monitor system installed to monitor any temperature changed inside the camper.

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We also needed to know that our dogs were behaving themselves while we were out of the camper. Turning on the radio is a great way to block any outside noise, but I didn’t trust that one of them wouldn’t be on the dinette peaking out the windows just because they could.

With this portable dog playpen our curious little dog now has a space she can stay out of trouble. Since it’s not a traditional kennel she has extra room for toys and it’s easy to store.

Octagon pet playpen inside the camper.
Pet playpen fully collapsed and ready for storage.

Indoor Camping Gadgets

When the colder weather hits and you start using more propane, it’s nice knowing how much is still in the tank. This propane tank level indicator tells you exactly what you want to know before you get into bed for the night.

Propane tank level indicator mounted to the wall.
Outdoor games and playgrounds for camping.

Outdoor Games and Playgrounds

When a campground doesn’t have a playground you might just need to set one up yourself. With this Slackers deluxe swing line the kids can swing and climb all day long right at your very own campsite.

Swing set and hammock attached to the trees at the campsite.

Of course there are many cool camper gadgets and comfort accessories but hopefully these ideas get you started. Over time your gear will grow but it’s not something that happens overnight.

The best nights camping are the ones listening to music and roasting s’mores around the campfire. If we can keep the mosquitos away, it’s really just a bonus.

Happy camping!

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