How to feel financially free while on a budget

How to feel financially free while on a budget

How to feel more Financially Free While on a budget. 

Now that we’re adults the thought of being on an allowance is completely ridiculous . We should be able to spend our money the way we see fit! 

Wrong-o. These everyday, normal purchases were forcing us to either use a credit card or to take a little bit out of savings. But don’t worry, because we’ll pay it back the next month. So started the vicious cycle of borrowing and playing catch up.

Putting ourselves on a Budget

In September 2018 we’d had enough of this game and put ourselves on a budget. Gasp! But what fun is life if you can’t spend any money to enjoy the little things? Well its not. 


How to stick to a budget

Thus starting our allowances….in our 30s.

Want Looks a lot like Need

It might just sound like I was the one overspending, but let me tell you, I almost never bought anything for myself.  But there was one store that these new home owners would bend the knee. 

Home Depot. Oi, we could have date night in Home Depot! And on weekends they give you free popcorn! Now that’s just fun for the whole family. 

Pressure washers, plants, drill bits and pavers! River rock, paint, screen doors and skill saws!

Guilt free spending

Having a cash allowance in the budget makes the little things more enjoyable. If I want to go out for coffee with a girlfriend I can do it guilt free knowing that its not harming our budget. 

Same with my husband going out to lunch instead of bringing a lunch to work. Its unreasonable to cut all the fun out of life, so we haven’t. But when its gone its gone. Which makes you really think about IF you are really willing to spend it in the first place. 

Eventually we became really good at sticking to our allowance and have even started to save up for other wants. My husband enjoys browsing the electronics section while I like to try and find rompers that don’t make me look like the penguin from Batman. 

Usually we walk out empty handed, for different reasons. A penguin being mine and not wanted to part with cash being his. 

Not everything goes to plan

Not everything can go as planned though. Our dog became sick, our other dog needs surgery on his leg. The AC is broken in my van and somehow I broke the van window with a paper. 

Things haven’t gone perfect, but everything we need we have. Its amazing how your priorities can change once you have a financial goal. 

Since we’ve been at this for a little while now, these new things that come up don’t feel so overwhelming. Its just life being life. But now we have a plan and more than that, our plan includes a little freedom. 

Being on a budget for us was a no brainer. Having an allowance makes it fun.

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How to stick to a budget
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