Arkansas Bike Trails | Family Friendly

Arkansas bike trails. 9 Family friendly biking trails in the Central Arkansas areas. From Little Rock to Heber Springs and a few places in between.

Arkansas bike trails

The weather has been surprisingly nice this year. Instead of heat and humidity starting the beginning of May, we still have beautiful 75 degree weather in June! So we are not taking this gorgeous weather for granted and this family has been going on more family bike rides than ever.

But with a young family we need family friendly Arkansas bike trails. Ones that stay away from the main road and are not too long for little legs.


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Arkansas bike trails that are family friendly

So load up the bikes, helmets and a picnic lunch because it’s time to tire the kids out so we can still put them to bed by 8pm this summer!


Two Rivers Park- Little Rock

If you’re new to family biking then Two Rivers Park is a great place to start out. Heading south on I-430 you can see the footbridge that leads into this park. But if you put it into your GPS it will most likely bring you over towards Pinnacle State Park to start there.

If it’s your first time then I would recommend skipping the footbridge over the river and starting out towards the state park. You’ll find easier parking and restrooms.

This trail is just about 6.3 miles round trip of paved path. It’s mostly flat but is a very popular walking, jogging and biking spot. On the weekends it can get a bit busy. Just be sure to mind your bike manners and stay to the right unless you are passing.

Two Rivers Park trail for walking and biking

Arkansas River Trail- Little Rock

You can pick up the Arkansas River Trail at many different points. We started our trip at Cooks Landing Point. Starting there allowed us to skip riding over the Big Dam Bridge on bikes but still gave us a nice view of the bridge and dam.

Not to far into the journey are large trees covered in beautiful green vines.

At just about the one mile mark we had to turn around due to water on the path. A more experienced cyclist wouldn’t be swayed, but we decided to pick up this trail someplace else.

Heading out of the park we turned right on Northside Dr. and found an alternate rout to pick up the trail right next to Arkansas Surgical Hospital. This trail is gorgeous! With fields, tall grass and wide path you really can’t go wrong.

The entire Arkansas River Trail is just over a 15 mile loop but you can customize that for tiny legs and just turn around.

Pfeifer Loop- Little Rock

You can find this intermediate trail back at Cooks Landing Point. Our kids we’re too little for this trail but I sent my husband to check it out. If you have older kids with mountain bikes this might be a nice beginner mountain bike trail to check out.

Burns Park- Little Rock

Burns Park is loaded with different trails to explore! And the Arkansas River Trail skirts along the edge of this park. Making it a popular place to start the Arkansas River Trail or a few other trails in the park.

For a complete map of trails in Burns Park click here. If you’re looking for an easy place to park and pick up a trail in Burns park or the Arkansas River Trail, follow the signs to the golf course. Just past this stunning golf course are a few parking lots along the water where you can park near restrooms and pick up a trail.

Tucker Creek Trail- Conway

An instant favorite in this house, Tucker Creek Trail in Conway was exactly what we were looking for. This flat paved trail is 6.2 miles round trip and stays along a small creek.

At times you come to a few intersecting roads but Conway has done an awesome job at making them pedestrian friendly.

Instead of crossing one road there is a tunnel that goes underneath it! The kids love yelling “echo!” as we pass under.

Just after you yell “echo!” under the bridge you’ll come across a nice grassy area with a Chick-Fil-A to the side. There you’ll find a place to lock up your bikes and grab a bite to go.

Over by Tyler Street you’ll find a playground, restrooms and kids BMX track.

Tucker Creek Walking and bike Trail in Conway Arkansas.

Petit Jean State Park-

Petit Jean State Park does have a small paved biking path. This paved path only is 1.75 miles long. It’s a great start for those still in training wheels but as parents, you might just want to walk it. You will find lots of bikers along the road, but we’ll leave that to the more experienced cyclists.

Map of Petit Jean State Park Trails including the CCC Hike and Bike Trail
Stouts point lookout of the Arkansas River

Josh Memorial Park Trail- Heber Springs

Josh Memorial Park Trail is a beautiful dirt trail located next to Dam Site Marina. It has a few gradual hills but nothing to extreme. If your kids are a little more experienced on paved paths, this might just be what they need to try a dirt trail.

This trail is only a 1.3 mile loop but it has a few connector trails in between to make it more of a custom length. It’s beautifully maintained and every time we have gone we’ve only come across a few hikers.

Dirt trail at Josh Memorial Park Trail in Heber Springs

Heritage Park- Little Rock AFB

If you have access to Little Rock AFB then Heritage Park is a great place to bring little bikers. We’ll leave the parents bikes at home for this one but my kids are in love with the air plane park! It’s not an all day adventure but a perfect little spot to get out in the fresh air for a bit.

Path and airplane at Heritage Park at Little Rock AFB

Golf Course- Little Rock AFB

Also located on Little Rock AFB you’ll find a great walking, jogging, frisbee golf and bike path behind outdoor rec. on the golf course. Although the golf course no longer operates as such, you’ll find many people enjoying this area.

This path goes along 3 beautiful ponds and you can make this trail as short or as long as you’d like. For a longer family bike ride try taking on the full 18 holes. The back 9 is a little more challenging than the front 9 but with it’s easy hills and gorgeous atmosphere you won’t be disappointed.

Walking a bike path at Little Rock AFB golf course.

Exploring Central Arkansas on bikes has been a game changer. With a young family with little legs, walking can only take you so far. But these Arkansas bike trails are exactly what we needed for some fun weekend family adventures exploring this huge natural state.

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9 Arkansas bike trails for families

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