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Indian Rock Cave and Trail in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. Easy family hike near Greers Ferry with a large cave and loop trail.

If you’re looking for an easy family adventure close to central Arkansas, then Indian Rock Cave and Trail is the place for you.

This cave trail starts on top of a bluff and brings you down a staircase along the bottom of the bluff. Back on solid ground, the tall trees and crevices along the rock wall remind you why you love exploring with your kids.

Because they can go in the scary dark cave first.

Follow me on…

I’ve heard of this cave before but was a little unsure of how to visit. Several people mentioned it being part of a golf course and something about that felt a little odd to me. Should I ware a collared Tee? Am I parking at the clubhouse?

Camping up at Greers Ferry we bit the bullet and just went. So let me tell you how to get there, what to expect and really if you need to worry about an occasional “FORE”!


Indian Rock Cave and Trail- 337 Snead Dr. Fairfield Bay, Arkansas 72088

  • 3/4 mile loop trail- Easy- has stairs
Indian Rock Cave – Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

Indian Rock Cave and Trail is located in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. If you’re not familiar with the area, that’s up near Greers Ferry Lake. (Great swimming, boating, fishing and I’ll tell you how to get to Sugar Loaf Island for an island hike).

To get to this trail you do need to drive through the parking lot of the county club and all the way back where you’ll see a log cabin and Totem Pole.

Totem Pole on the path to Indian Rock Cave and Trail.
Log cabin on top of the bluff.

In between the log cabin and Totem pole is a large sign and the start of Indian Rock Cave and trail.

Indian Rock Cave trailhead.

There are quite a few stairs to get to the path, so if you have a grandparent visiting you can give the Log Cabin Museum a call at (501)-581-1638 and they can arrange a golf cart to take your party down.

Steep stairs leading down to Indian Rock Cave.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs the path follows along the bluff where you’ll find little nooks and caves the kids can explore while following along the path.

Path with large rocks along the trail to Indian cave.

As you come around the corner you’ll see the large opening to the cave, HOWEVER, look to the right and you’ll see two other little caves you can explore.

Little girl in orange shirt looking insde the first, small, dark cave.

Bring a flashlight because this first little cave goes back further than you think. We came to find out after talking to the museum director, that if you look in the back you’ll find a couple of Petroglyphs on the right hand side towards the bottom.

Dark cave with someone holding a flashlight at the back.

Continuing on the path you’ll find Indian Rock Cave. This cave house was registered in 1982 as the Edgemont Shelter (Indian Rock House) with the National Register of Historical Places.

Stairs leading down into Indian Rock Cave.

Coming down a few more stairs you’ll reach the mouth of this huge rock house. Inside is a plaque that tells you about the Petroglyphs inside the cave. So be sure to look high above your head.

Walking towards the back of the cave you’ll come across another smaller cave shelter with what looks like a shallow well. Perhaps this is the fountain of youth that the 1934 plaque touches on at the side of the cave.

Taking a few steps back from the cave you can get a real feel for how big this rock shelter is. And although you are on a golf course, the actually course is a bit down the hill. So you don’t need to worry about disturbing anyone playing a game of golf.

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Full view of Indian Rock Cave from the golf course.

Looking over to the left while facing Indian Rock Cave, you find a stone stairway.

Stairs leading to a path loop.

This stairway will lead you along the base of the bluff where you’ll find a few other little rock shelters before heading back to the parking lot.

The greenery surrounding this trail along with the rock bluff, make this path absolutely gorgeous. This is a very short hike and easy for all skill levels, if you’re able to do several staircases. Now there are a few other trails in the area so stick to the main one.

Small nooks you can walk through along the bluff.

Once you take a break at the bench along the path, look directly behind you and follow that path that leads up the hill all the way back to the country club and parking lot.

This hike and cave adventure was one of our favorite things to do on our camping weekend in Greers Ferry. It is a little bit further from the Little Rock area but this cave is not the only thing to do in the area.

Things in the area
  • Woodland Mead Park Mini Golf
  • Ed Leamon Garden Trail
  • Van Buren Recreation area
  • Lost Creek Trail
  • Sugar Loaf Mountain- Terrace Trail & Mule Trail

Hiking Trails Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

You might not know that there is a hiking trail on Sugar Loaf Mountain and you don’t need your own boat to get there. Head down to Fairfield Bay Marina and catch a shuttle boat to the island. The price is $12.95 for adults and $9.95 for children ages 4-12 and large dogs. Prices may change, so give Fairfield Bay Marina a call for up to date information.

Sugar Loaf Mountain Island with two girls jumping out of the water.

It was a perfect weekend day trip to get the kids out and explore a new part of Arkansas that we didn’t know was so close to home. We’ll see you on the next adventure.

Best Wishes ~Sara

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