31 Things To Do In Arkansas | Summer With Kids

31 Things to do in Arkansas in the summer, with kids. Little outdoor adventures, where to swim and family activities. All in central Arkansas.

I love spending the summer with our kids! The summers get planned before the final bell rings and we’re ready to be our best selves.

Homemade breakfasts, watching the humming birds, practicing our reading. A chore chart will get put on the wall to help keep us organized. Oh! How can we earn Minecraft minutes? Let’s make ticket stubs for our chores.

Do you know how many of these things actually happen? No… not zero. Give us some credit.

All of them…. on day one. Well, the kids already made the Minecraft tickets before summer break. So where does that put us?

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That’s just what happens in the summer. Things just get away from you. Appointments take over. The regular chores take over. Grocery shopping, dentists, checkups, work!

But when we do find some time, we like to get out and explore. So we’ve created a list of things to do in Arkansas in the summer. A summer bucket list if you will. That way you can worry about the appointments and take a look at the bucket list when you find a little extra time in your schedule.

31 Things to do in Arkansas

Summer Addition

Little Rock, Arkansas- Tunnels Playground

Little Rock- Museums and Play places

The Old Mill – North Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Outdoor Adventures-

Indian Rock Cave and Trail – Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

Swimming and Splash Zones

Indian Lake Resort- Austin, Arkansas

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Family Activities

Big Rock Fun Park – Little Rock, Arkansas

Put on the list

Have you been to the Petit Jean Car show and swap meet? From June 15th- June 19th they’ll hold the 64th annual Petit Jean show a swap meet. It’s a fun day to check out the cars with dad for Father’s Day weekend and when you’re done, check out the hikes (and fresh fudge) at Petit Jean State Park.

The Outpost – Just outside Petit Jean State Park

The summer heat in Arkansas can be tough, but if you get out early enough you can explore some of these great family adventures. Lake days are always fun and anytime you can find a deal on a summer movie at the movie theater, is a good day.

We’ll see you guys out there!

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