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Swans in Heber Springs, Arkansas. Where to see the Trumpeter Swans in Heber Springs. How to get there and other useful tips before you go.

The Trumpeter Swans arriving in central Arkansas is something that locals look forward to every year. But if you’re new to the area, you might go years before you find out where, and how, to see these majestic creatures.

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In the winter of 1991, the first Trumpeter Swans arrived in Arkansas. There were only two of them, but it was the start of something special.

By the next year the number grew to three, and now you can see over one hundred Trumpeter Swans grace the Heber Springs area all winter long.

Three Trumpeter Swans in Heber Springs.

When do the swans arrive in Arkansas

The swans arrive in Arkansas in November and stay through February. There isn’t an exact date on their arrival or their departure, but you can check the local Trumpeter Swans in Arkansas, Facebook Group. It’s best to head up before mid February, just to be on the safe side.

Trumpeter swans swimming in Magness Lake, Heber Spring, Arkansas.

When is the best time to see them

You can usually find a few swans in the lake at any given time, during their stay here. But they do fly off in small groups in search of food in the area.

They return in the late afternoon and before dusk. With their 8 foot wing span and chorus of honks, you can hear them coming and might just see a gorgeous display of nature at its best, as they descend onto the lake.

Swan stretching it's wings
Trumpeter swan behind a tree branch.

Where are the swans in Heber Springs

The Trumpeter Swans can be found at Magness lake in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

If you’re coming from the Cabot area, head up towards Heber Springs taking rt. 5 and then rt. 25. Once you get to the light across from the gas station and Mack’s Fish House, turn right onto 110. You’ll follow the road past Sugar Loaf Mountain and Cafe Klaser. Just a few more miles on the left hand side, is Hays Rd. Take Hays Rd. till the bend and park in the designated parking area.

Road to Magness Lake, Heber Springs, Arkansas.
Parking area at Magness Lake.

More Swans (lake)

After leaving Magness Lake, turn left on 110. Take your second right onto Cut Off Lane and at the end of the road turn left onto Hiram Rd. A few miles on the left hand side you’ll see a gravel road and a small white sign with the word “swans”.

This area also has a parking lot but no fence, so be sure to keep your distance and be respectful of the swans and property.

Swans at More Swans lake.

The family and I watched the swans at each location for a while. Commenting on how beautiful they were and reminding each of my girls to use a quieter voice during our conversations.

The sun began to set and the girls cheeks started to turn pink from the cold winters air. We turned back to the car and began to drive off.

Just as we started to drive away we heard a pounding on the water. The swans were taking flight to join their friends at the other lake nearby for the night. With the windows down we could hear their happy honks and the wind moving under their massive 8 foot wing span…

and they flew right over us.

Trumpeter Swans flying over the water in Heber Springs Arkansas.

Things to remember

  • Do not feed them bread- it’s recommended that they can eat shelled corn
  • Late afternoon to dusk is the best time to view
  • Be respectful of the property you are on as it is privately owned. Stay in the viewing area
  • They arrive in November and stay thru February
  • Keep your distance and never try to touch them
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4 thoughts on “Swans in Heber Springs, Arkansas | Where to view”

  1. Could someone tell me whether the swans are back? December 2022. Also, have they been affected by the avian flu? Is there still public access? I’m hoping to find out before making the 2 hour drive.
    Thank you.

    1. We just visited the swans again during Thanksgiving weekend. First we checked Magness Lake with no swans to be seen in the lake at that time. So we checked the second location just a few miles down the road called more swans lake (AKA West Lake) on Hiram Rd. in Wilburn, Arkansas. We were able to view about 20 gorgeous swans swimming around dusk. Both have gravel parking areas.

      You can find a link highlighted in blue at the top of this post that will bring you to the local Facebook group that updates people on the approximate November arrival and approximate February departure of the swans.
      Safe travels!

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