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Old Highway 25 campground in Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas. Campground photos plus family friendly things to do in the area.

Old Highway 25 campground is located in Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas. You might not be as familiar with Tumbling Shoals, but you probably are familiar with Heber Springs. This campground sits right outside of Heber Springs and right on the water of Greers Ferry Lake.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to cool down from the hot and humid Arkansas summers, better reserve your spot now, because this campground is popular among many campers.

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I’d love to keep this place to ourselves, but the secret is already out about how great this little spot is. For us it’s an easy weekend trip. The campground you need that’s close to home but far enough that you can disconnect for just a little while.

The lake is right outside your door and is a mix between peaceful in the morning and evening hours, and lively during the humid summer days.

Old Highway 25 Campground

It might just be me but when it comes to campgrounds we haven’t been to, I like to know what we’re getting ourselves into. Is the site level? Will we have to fight trees backing in? And about 6 other question that aren’t usually deal breakers on a campsite but more like wanting to be prepared.

Although I don’t have all the answers (or every campsite photo) hopefully I can give you some insight on what to expect.

Little kid riding a scooter along the loop at camp area E.
Old Highway 25 Campground E

Old Highway 25 campground offers 116 campsites with 80 sites having electric hookups. According to the Recreation.gov website, campgrounds G and E offer 50amp while A, D & F offer 30amp. (be sure to check when booking your reservation.)

There are no water or sewer hookups, but they do have water spigots throughout the campground. There is also a dump station available at the park.

View campground map here.

You’ll find lots of opinions when asking which campground area is the best. Some swear by campgrounds E & G while others prefer F. Since we stayed in campground F let’s start there.

Campground F

  • 30amp electric
  • bathhouse within walking distance
  • firering
  • picnic table
  • lamp hanger
  • shaded
  • lake view

You’ll find campground F by following the main road all the way through the park. You’ll hit a one way with boat ramp and it’ll force you to the right at the fork in the road.

Old Highway 25 Camp area F

Instinct will tell you to turn once you see camping area F but if you’re in a bigger travel trailer and have sites F3, F4, F5 or F6, you’ll want to back in from the opposite direction.

You can see that a little better on the campground map here.

There are two ways to pull in the opposite way.

  • Pass this camp area F sign and pull in at the next road.
  • Turn around at the boat ramp (since that is a one way road, I am not suggesting that)
Camp area F sites F6, F5, F4 & F3
Camping area F4

After entertaining all of our neighbors with two travel trailers fighting trees and one ways, we made it in and my goodness is it gorgeous.

With the exception of F1 and F2, all of F has their own waterfront views. Most of them even having easy access to walk right into the water from your campsite.

Picnic table and fire pit overlooking the lake.
Campsite F4

Over at sites F11, F12 and F13 they have a very small circle for turning around and backing in with a camper. Just something to keep in mind. Another thing worth mentioning is that F-13 is not level and has a downward slant towards the water.

To be fair, most of these do slant towards the water a bit but a lot of them have a level portion towards the back off the site.

Slopped campsite next to Greers Ferry Lake.
Campsite F13

Campground E

  • 50amp
  • bathhouse within walking distance
  • firering
  • picnic table
  • lamp hanger
  • shaded
  • lake view
Camping area E with tall shade trees.
Old Highway 25 Camp area E

Campground E is personally one of our favorites. The road is wide and it has a great turn around circle at the back. This area is well shaded and has a great amount of space between each campsite.

There is a lake view but with these spots you’ll need to walk a short distance before you can dip your feet in. A few have a little slope but level out towards the back of the site.

All of them are pretty long but E-1 is extra long and level. While there we saw a travel trailer, boat and truck parked in that one long site. If you bring up the park map, you’ll see that E-4 has a bonus parking spot right next to them.

Travel trailer in camp area E overlooking the water.
Campsite E4

Campground G

  • 50amp
  • bathhouse within walking distance
  • firering
  • picnic table
  • lamp hanger
  • shaded
  • most have view of lake
  • playground

Campground G has some spectacular views of the lake right from your campsite. It is situated a bit higher than F and E. Meaning that although there are a few paths leading down to the water, it’s not as easily accessible and might be a little steep on some sites.

I’d love to show you some photos but with all the excitement of exploring, I completely forgot to take a few of this loop. Although, if you head over to the Recreation.gov website, this loop is fully photographed.

Campground A

  • 30amp and non electric
  • bathhouse with shower is a good distance away
  • firering
  • picnic table
  • lamp hanger (unsure)
  • shaded

This camping area is a little harder for travel trailers. The road is a bit curvy and narrow and a bunch of them have either a slope down or a steep slope up before leveling out towards the back of the campsite. Depending on the size of your rig, that could be a big problem.

You’ll also want to avoid A1 as it is located next to, and facing, the dumpsters.

Camping area A
Site A20- non-electric

Also with loop A there are several sites that are non-electric. Those sites would be A10-A24.

That being said, loop A does come with some bonus points. Campsites in the 30’s are just a short walk away for the beach area, and some (also in the 30’s) have a lake view.

Sandy beach area at Old Highway 25.
Old Highway 25 public beach area

Campground D

  • 30amp
  • bathhouse within walk distance
  • firering
  • picnic table
  • lamp hanger
  • shaded
  • lake view
Road down camping area D.
Old Highway 25 campground D

Camping area D does offer nice views of the water, but they are shared views mostly overlooking the boat ramp. Of course there is nothing wrong with the boat ramp but it might get busy during the summer and you don’t have your own personal area to dip your feet.

Some spots will need more leveling than others with the exception of maybe D9, which looked rather level for the most part.

Family walk around the campgrounds.
Old Highway 25 boat ramp

Things to do in the area

With the lake being such a lively place during the hot summer months, you most likely will just need a ton of sun block and water toys.

  • swimming- Old Highway 25, Dam Site, Sandy Beach (no lifeguard on duty)
  • boating
  • kayaking
  • fishing
  • Playground (camp area G)
  • Biking (G and E most kid friendly for bikes)
  • Frisbee golf- located behind the William Carl Garner Visitors Center
  • Hiking-
    • Collins Creek
    • Josh Park Memorial Trail
    • Mossy Bluff National Nature Trail
    • Sugar Loaf Mountain (located behind Arkansas State University- Heber Springs)
    • Bridal Veil Falls- Waterfall
Waterfall surrounded by greenery.
Bridal Veil Falls- Heber Springs

With the town of Heber Springs being a short drive away you have easy access to Walmart if you happen to forget anything. Also in town you’ll find;

  • local coffee shops
  • cafe’s & small restaurants
  • antique stores
  • movie theater
The Gem movie theater in downtown Heber Springs.
Downtown Heber Springs

Camping at Old Highway 25 is a really beautiful spot to enjoy the lake and a few good books. With most campsites having close access to your own waterfront you might never feel the need to leave the campground.

Campfire overlooking the water at Greer Ferry Lake.
Campsite F4

The only downfall is how quickly this mini vacation will end and trying to find an open weekend for your next reservation.

We’ll see you on our next camping adventure.

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