Railriders Rail Bike Tour Family Experience

Railriders rail bike tour family experience. Unique outdoor adventure on old abandoned railroad tracks. Fun for all ages and skill levels.

Before our vacation back home I’d never heard of riding the rails of an old, abandoned, railroad track.

Never mind it being an entire family friendly tourist attraction that is so unique that you can’t help but throw your hands in the air as you smile down the track and take in the views surrounding you.

Although I’d never heard of it, it’s one adventure that seems to be popping up in a few different locations around the United States. Luckily for us, one of them happened to be in our old hometown of Concord, NH.

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I’m sure you already know that walking on train tracks is illegal and completely dangerous. But what you might not know is that some abandoned railroad tracks are being put to use in other ways.

Rail trails, for example, are abandoned railroad tracks that are removed and repurposed into walking and bike paths.

As great as that is, some communities are embracing keeping the tracks and adding rail bike tours for a fun family experience no one is soon to forget.

Scenic Railriders platform start under a white canopy.


Our rail bike experience started at Scenic RailRiders located in Concord, NH. This family owned business started in 2019 and as unique of an idea as this is, they took it one step further and even made their own bikes to custom fit the tracks.


These rail bikes are nothing like you’ve ever seen. Although reading through their handbook you realize that it’s not so different a concept than riding the rails using an old pump car. I’m sure we all just had the same image flash through our heads of two people standing on a flat platform with handlebars in the middle that move the trolley as you pump your arms up and down.

With a little creativity you can see how great this rail bike idea really is! But instead of two people on either side standing and pumping their arms, you’re now in a comfortable seat with bike pedals in front of you.

Sitting in a two person rail bike ready to get started.

Rail Bikes

  • seats either two or four to a bike + bikes can to be linked together for larger families
  • adjustable seating to accommodate families of all ages and heights
  • seatbelts
  • accompanying basket for water, purse, keys, cell phones ect.
  • complimentary umbrellas which work great as a shade
  • extra pad if needed

After a quick briefing on what to expect and the route we’d be traveling, we were off. Each group was given a nice distance to enjoy the trip with their own family unit and not feel too rushed by the people in front or behind your rail bike.

Starting off it’s a little surprising how much fun this rail bike tour really is! Since we took an extra second with our photo op, we wanted to get back up with our parents/grandparents and kids in the four seat bike in front of us.

We were able to pick up speed rather quickly with little effort pedaling the bike with two people. Of course the kids were fine and having the time of their lives in the bike in front of us, but it was incredibly fun trying to catch them anyway.

Family of 4 enjoying the scenery along our rail bike tour.


This rail bike tour is a total of 6.4 miles with two breaks along the way. The first leg of the trip is 2.4 miles and brings you through the beautiful woods of Concord, NH. Along the way you cross a back road where the tour guide stops any traffic as needed. You continue on and come to a turnaround point just ahead.


Two Stops

At the first stop you can stretch your legs and have a bit of water as they turn each bike around to head back for the second part of the trip. Once more you’re given a little distance between each bike and off you go to cruise the opposite direction.

Passing a farm with cows and a red barn.

With this portion of the trip you pass a farm with crops on either side, happy cows out in a field and then a large bridge where the Contoocook River meets the Merrimack River.

Going over the river on a large bridge in our rail bike.

The second rest stop and turn around point is on a small island where the Hannah Dustin monument resides. Again you can stretch your legs and have a sip of water before beginning the journey back at the start.


This particular route was on level ground and very easy to gain momentum and leisurely pedal along. Although, with other rail bike tours they may not be as level. Be sure to call the rail bike tour in your area if you have any questions.

The kids were each able to reach the pedals and help along the journey but there was a fair amount of times they took a break and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around them.

Watching the cows in the red barn along our rail bike tour.


This rail bike tour took us about 1 hour and 45 minutes but can take a little longer. Time really few by and with the scenery changes it felt like no time at all.

Be sure to make reservations ahead of time either online or by giving them a call. Lucky for us we were able to reserve a time that same day but I’m sure with the fall foliage reservations may need to be made further in advance.

Going over the river on the way back from our tour.

This adventure is a one of a kind outdoor experience that families of all ages will love. It was a great and creative way to spend a couple of hours outdoors enjoying nature. Since the rail bikes are quite as you pedal along, it’s easy to have a conversation or listen to music for a wonderful afternoon of quality family time.

We’ll see you on our next adventure!


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