The Donkey in the School Pickup Line

Frustration in the school pickup line.

It’s become to easy these days to look at a stranger and see them as exactly that. A stranger. Not a real human but someone who doesn’t affect our lives at all. 

Rarely do I see people holding the door for others and you better forget about letting someone out in traffic because you waved them through.

Maybe YOU are the one who waves traffic through, but it seems that lately it’s few and far between. 

School pickup line trouble

Have we all gotten so busy and self involved that we’ve forgotten that a stranger is more than that. 

Behind that face is a mother who was up all night or a father who is stressed at work. 

A person with thoughts, ideas, opinions and beliefs. They may be different from our own, but kindness is a universal language.

Bus vs The Pickup Line

My kindergartener wanted to ride the bus.  So we let this little independent women give it a try. 

After 6 months of rushing out the door and waiting for late buses with a toddler, we both had enough. 

The school pickup line can get a little busy but no big deal. Well no big deal for some. This road gets congested and all of us parents trying to get into the school were blocking traffic. So the school asked us to form two lanes to keep vehicles off the busy road.

They sent out a reminder asking everyone to please follow this method so we could all move smoothly. Well a few of us did that. But not everyone wanted to. 

Please Drive Forward in an Orderly Fashion

So I kept being one of the few who used the line the way the school asked. Sometimes that meant passing 4 or 5 cars who didn’t want to do the two lane policy.

Well today traffic was especially bad and buses were at a stand still. So, like the school asked, a few of us got in the second lane to move traffic off the road.  However, there was this one vehicle that decided they didn’t like this and tried to ride in the middle of the lanes. 

As I slowly went to pass she blocked me. I motioned for her to go ahead of me and she refused. 

I drove by to her waving her fist and then she stuck her head out of the window and yelled “I’m trying not to be an ASS!”

What did she just call me!?

If she’s trying not to be an ass, what is she calling me?

As I passed the teacher with the walkie talkie, I pulled a Karen and asked for clarification on using the two lanes. Was I an ass? Or did the 18 cars and 3 bus’ full of children appreciate us moving along. 

The next day they put an extra teacher out there to remind us to use the two lanes and to direct traffic.

The thing is her comment wasn’t specifically towards me, but to everyone she felt was being rude. I just happened to be the one she yelled at.

You get to Choose how you Respond

Even though I was a little taken back by her comment, I wasn’t about to shake my fist back at her.

You never know what someone is going through. How their day went. What type of stress at home they are dealing with. A sick parent. A tough time at work. For all I know she has 4 kids and every single one of them kept her up all night.

Sometimes as parents we lash out at others that may not deserve it. At our husbands, at our kids, at other drivers. Some days we are on our last nerve before a breakdown.

In a world of me first and smiles that are really frowns, we should see more than just a body passing by us. 

So when you someone who needs a little extra grace, give it to them. We’re not perfect, and one day you might need that extra kindness. 

The Donkey Loophole

Sadly, even though my intentions were good, doesn’t mean some haven’t found a loophole. Now even when traffic is fully off the road, we do have 7 or 8 cars who cut the line. 

In the end you pick and choose your battles. Even if that means I get home 4 minuets slower. 

School Bus
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