Why I NO Longer use a jogging stroller-Epic Parent Fail

Why a daily routine is important. The epic parent fail that lead me to no longer use a jogging stroller.

jogging stroller- parent fail

At one point in our lives we lived in Hawaii. The days were sunny and warm so I quickly tried to fall into the routine of taking our two dogs and two kids for a walk in the morning. 

Have you ever skipped something in your routine that came back to bite you in the butt. Ever have a mommy “oh crap” moment that took you off mom of the year status? Ever have it witnessed? Brace yourself.

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epic parent fail

Epic parent fail-Why I no longer use a jogging stroller

The wrath of the Second Child

It was 8am during the week and everyone was begging for a walk. Ok, two large dogs were begging. My oldest, Carlee, was about four and my youngest, Leah, almost one.

Now Leah is the second child, so naturally she was the tough cookie and that’s saying it kindly. 

Jerk face might be more accurate. If she didn’t want to do something, she wasn’t going to do it.

She’s the “Let me talk to your manager!” personality.

Today she insisted on brining her yellow blanket on our walk…in Hawaii… while it was 85 degrees out. Sure.

We all went outside under the carport to get into the double jogging stroller when I got a phone call from a friend who recently moved. We use to walk together so this was perfect. I needed some adult mom conversation. 

I buckled Carlee and went to put Leah in. She refused to take off her blanket and did NOT want to be buckled. She was wrapped up all cozy and wanted to stay that way. It was a moment of picking and choosing your battles and I chose to let her win. 

Our entire walk was on a flat sidewalk so she would be fine. I opened the sun visors, filled the cup holders with cheerios and we were on our way!

Perfect morning for a stroll

We started down the sidewalk and I breathed in the morning air, looked up at the palm trees and thanked God for another day here. A dog on either side of the stroller and two happy toddlers inside. 

My friend and I chit chatted about her recent move while I walked around the lawn maintenance crew. We walked a few more blocks when I had to come down the curb and cross the street. 

I slowed down to take the curb back up the other side when

All of a sudden I ran over a big bump and out from under the stroller came a yellow blanket with tiny feet. Then a belly and Leah’s eyes blinking up at me!

I had literally run over my baby!

So I screamed “Oh my goodness! Leah!” Apparently she decided she wanted to walk. She saw her opportunity when I slowed down for the curb. She had climbed under the front bar when her blanket got caught and she slowly had an oh shit moment and just decided to go with the flow until she came out the other side with wide eyes. 

No tears, just complete shock and 365 days flashing before her.

This Hot mess of a mom with her hair in a Bun

I picked her up, told my friend I had to call her back, and dusted her off. That’s when I noticed I had been caught! About six feet away from us was part of the maintenance crew with his leaf blower.

Watching this hot mess of a mom run over her kid in a jogging stroller while she was on the phone. 

Now why didn’t I notice my kid making her escape you might ask? Let me remind you that the sun visor was open. I couldn’t’ see a thing. I could only imagine what was going through this mans head as he watched this scene unfold.

I buckled her up, left my pride there and let embarrassment catch a ride back with us. I have to admit, it was pretty funny. I’d like to tell you that this was the only stroller incident but…

two years after that…I ran her over again.

            They walk now.

Why I no longer use a jogging stroller
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epic parent fail
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