How NOT to stain a deck

Tips on how to stain a deck properly from homeowners who did it wrong. 

These home owners decided to build a deck. We were told, however, to not stain our new deck until it was able to dry out completely. So we waited until spring to apply the stain. 

By then the deck was in desperate need of stain and had, faster then expected, faded. So us being the excited learn as you go type, bought some stain and got to work. 

Normal people might have googled how to properly stain a deck. 

But not us. How hard could it be? 


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How NOT to stain a deck from homeowners who did it wrong

Step One

The first thing we did was clean off the deck. From having loved our deck the past year it got rather messy. Little paw prints and a lot of dust. We cleaned off those areas and grabbed all the tools we needed. 

Since we didn’t want to buy extra things for a one time use, we decided to make due with what we had. The stain, pan, rolling brush and a couple of paint brushes. 

We like to not over complicate things. We made sure that no rain was in the forecast for the next few days and put on our painting clothes. That was the last thing we did right. 

Step-NOT to do!

For some reason we decided to not work together but to rather have one person do one side while the other person did the other side of the deck. I’m not even sure why we thought that was a good idea, clearly it wasn’t! 

Not only that, we didn’t even stain the deck with the grain! As in two boards at a time all the way down. We went the exact opposite direction and kept getting lap marks. 

Well of course we did! The stain was drying faster then I could get back to the top. 

Step 3-Redo step Two the Correct way

After letting this carry on for far longer then it should, we decided we needed to come up with a new plan. So instead of working alone we decided to let our two half brains make a full one. 

The new plan was to do the entire length of the deck board (not going over our previous work) two at a time, with a roller. While the other person took a paint brush, smoothed it out and got into any grooves. Magically this gave us the results we were looking for and was a lot faster of a process. 

Things you need

  • Stain
  • Paint pan
  • Roller with long handle (Tip-my broom handle screwed into the roller making it a long handle) 
  • Paint brushes 
  • Common sense 

Tips to Remember

Pick two to three days where there is no rain in the forecast. Always go the length of the deck boards, two at a time. If you have someone to help its useful to go over the roller part with a paint brush to smooth it out and get into cracks. 

And for goodness sake, BEFORE stating a DIY project thats not easy to fix, maybe just check Google for any advice. 


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