How to Paint a Metal Door Without Removing it


How to paint a metal door without removing it. What paint to use to paint your door. Should your backdoor be the same color as your front door? 

how to paint a metal door

Have you ever sat on your deck and just enjoyed the beautiful morning you were having with your family? Watching the hummingbirds chatter around the bird feeder and thinking to yourself what a perfect day.

A perfect day to just enjoy the peace and quiet. Until 2 minutes later when you decide you need to paint something! And make your husband sad about the project he is about get roped into. 

Me too… 

how to paint your metal door refresh

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And it was! A perfect weekend morning when I looked at the backdoor and decided, we could do better. 

How to paint a metal door without removing it

Things you’ll need

The first thing you are going to want to do is to clean the door with soap and water. Allow it to dry completely and give it a once over with fine grit sandpaper. Dust off and tape around the sides of your door. 

Since it was a beautiful day I decided it would be completely fine if we painted our door without removing it from the hinges. However, we did remove the doorknobs and decided to spray paint them espresso. 

remove the doorknobs

Removing the doorknobs also makes it a lot easier to paint without all the fuss of extra taping. 

backdoor refresh

How many coats of paint does a metal door need?

Since I did not prime this door we needed to do 2 coats of paint, touching up any places that might need a bit more. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous that 

  • I was going to run out of paint (I was using leftover paint from the front door)
  • It wasn’t going to turn out well 

But since my husband was there watching me when he didn’t want to do this project in the first place, I was spitting out a lot of “wow! Doesn’t it look great! This will be perfect!” And so it was. 

painting a metal door without taking it off

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Should your front and backdoor be the same color?

Although our front and backdoor are the same color, don’t feel obligated to do so. Since we have a lot of light colored brick, the best color for our door is (in my opinion) blue. It’s a nice contrast in color without being too…. personalized. This blue is a popular color that any homeowner would most likely like. 

Try to coordinate with your exterior and trim. Draw from your surroundings to include ocean colors if you’re near the ocean, greens for the forests, and purple grays for the mountains. 

Be inspired by your surroundings and remember, it’s just a door. It can be painted again. 

hampton blue door color

Do you paint both sides of the door the same color?

Isn’t it gorgeous when you see both sides of the door the same color. It’s so rich and exciting… also maybe a little unrealistic. 

We have a sage green entry and living room, with a bohemian distressed rug. If I painted the interior door the same as the exterior, it would be color overload for this home. 

Although I do love when interior doors are painted to match, don’t feel it’s a must if you already have some color on your walls. 

Other paint colors that are popular are teal, red, slate blue, eggplant and black for a feeling of elegance and calmness. 

So maybe you’ve already painted your front door. Now it’s time for a backdoor refresh. Right after your morning coffee, the sounds of chittering from the hummingbirds and your husbands heart sinking as he realizes a project is coming. 

Best Wishes,


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how to paint a metal door

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