How to make Balloon Curtains | DIY No Sew

How to make balloon curtains. Easy no sew lace balloon curtains that take no time at all.

balloon curtains DIY

I love curtains! They bring warmth, color and texture to any room. Not to mention how with the right curtains you can keep your home warmer and your husband, who is on night shift from time to time, sleeping all day long in a dark room. 

But when it came to our own bathroom with block glass windows, I was clueless! 

How do I make block glass windows look good without blocking the light?

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Now I had to get creative because beautiful lace balloon curtains were just not in the budget. 

We have these great block glass windows that let in a huge amount of light but they aren’t exactly pretty to look at. After finding lace curtains at our thrift store I tried hanging them a few different ways. But nothing looked right. Nothing was beautiful or shabby chic about this. 

In the back of my mind I knew balloon curtains were the only way to get the look I wanted. But I also wanted to do this simply and in a timely manner. Oh ya, I didn’t want to sew either. 


balloon curtain diy


  • Curtain rod
  • Lace curtain
  • 20 Safety pins per curtain
  • Measuring tape

The window we are covering is 41×41 inches and the lace curtains that I found are 54×84 inches. 

After putting your curtain on the rod flip it around backwards. We will be working from the back to make these ballon curtains. 

Starting from the top measure down 18 inches. Weave in your safety pin, bring it up and attach it 10 inches from the top, leaving the fold towards the back. 

how to make lace balloon curtains

Apply the second safety pin on the other side in the same way, then move to the middle two points. 

Continue down in this way, starting at the ends and working your way to the middle. Measuring down 18 inches, apply your pin and bring it back up to the 10 inch mark. 

To fluff as you go you can lightly pull your curtain taught from pin to pin to get a better fold. 

lace balloon curtain DIY

After you’ve finished your final row, turn your curtain back around and tuck under any excess. 

Fluff and fix your rows, and you’re done! 

As for me, I continued to the next panel, which took no time at all once you get the hang of it. 

balloon curtains diy

These no sew lace balloon curtains were the perfect fix to hiding our glass block windows and allowing the light to shine through. 

The balloon affect is elegant and simple while sticking to the budget. Exactly what we were looking for. 

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