The lost school mask | How to handle it

school mask

The lost school mask fight, and how to handle it. 

Well it happened, the first mask fight. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. This wasn’t a fight to get my kids to wear a mask. No.

This was a “where the heck are all 4 of your masks!”

school mask fight

I hate yelling at my kids. As I’m sure you do too. But this wasn’t a, stop hitting your sister, yell. This was I’m completely frustrated and we have 4 minutes to get in the car! yell. 

You know there is a difference. 


Do you remember when it use to be a simple “where are your shoes?” yell. 

Ahh the good ol days.

Now we have the shoes, the snack, the homework, the laptop, the headphones, the lanyard, the water bottle, the lunchbox and yes, the mask and extra 3 masks. For heaven forbid they sneeze!

(I can’t be the only one who had the sneeze talk)

We have T minus 4 minutes before we leave on this rainy day. Rainy so that makes drop off extra slow. 

The backpack is turned inside out along with the playroom. In the mists of destroying the house we still need to get ready.

I go to grab the rain coat that’s crumbled on my daughters dresser and inside I find her bag of masks. 


And there you have it. I ruined the calm morning we were having. No, she shouldn’t have taken her masks out of the designated pocket, but if I had continued to get us all ready on this rainy day, I would have stumbled on those lost masks. 

Without yelling, without frustration and now an upside down house. 

It’s amazing how something simple like a lost mask can make you loose your cool. Running through the scenarios of

  • I’ll be late for work
  • I have A,B,C,D,E,F things to do!
  • We have to be on time


It’s time to slow down and take a deep breath. Move forward with your morning and know a lost mask is not the end of the world. Being late for school is ok every once in a while if it means we get there without tears. 

And even if you yell, it’s ok to ask for forgiveness and send them off with a big hug

But not in the drop off line, ok Karen? The rest of us couldn’t find our masks either, and now we’re late. 


We still have a couple of mask in the backpack but we’ve decided it’s a good idea to have mask for them in the seat pockets of the van along with backups in moms purse… like we didn’t have enough stuff in there already. 

But hey! no tears. 

Best Wishes for a stress free day,


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