Envelope Pillow Cover-Beginners Guide

how to make an envelope pillow cover

How to make an envelope pillow cover. Easy step by step beginners guide. 

Have you ever gone into JoAnn’s ready to make a new wreath for the season, only to come out with a different project all together and no wreath decorations? 

Yes? Great! 

Well I guess we are making envelope pillow covers today. Not a wreath.  

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Envelope pillow cover

After 30 minutes of touching everything in the store I came across this fabric. It was to pricy but after walking away I found its friend in the clearance section and knew my pillows were about to get a much needed makeover.

This is the perfect beginners guide to making envelope pillow covers. It was so fast, so easy and honestly so fun! 

How to make an envelope pillow cover


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Old pillows or inserts
  • Tape measure
  • Pins

Dig out your sewing table and let’s get started. No, I didn’t use that old sewing machine but we did save it from the trash man one street down! It now serves as my bedside table but I decided the flip out side would came in handy. 

old sewing machine
how to make an envelope pillow cover
envelope pillow cover

This fabric spoke to me as I walked by it. It just screams for you to touch it! It’s so soft and velvety that it just had to be made into a luxurious envelope pillow cover. 

The pillows we are covering today are 22×22 and the fabric from the end of the roll was 49×58. Just enough to cover two pillows. 

First I cut the fabric in half so that it was 24.5x 58 inches. I then hemmed both end pieces.

hem the edges of envelope pillow cover

Fold the fabric 2/3’s of the way up, pretty side in. 

fold 2/3s up

Fold the fabric 2/3’s of the way down. 

fold 2/3s down

Pin the sides of the fabric 1 and 1/4 inch in. 

Sew the edges and flip the fabric right side out. Insert your pillows and you’re done! 

sew around the edges
flip the envelope pillow cover right side our
Add your insert
finished envelope pillow cover

I made this envelope pillow the same size as my insert but I decided I wanted to put a decorative flange along the sides for a more finished look. 

Since my pillow insert was an old pillow, I decided sewing an inch boarder would be perfect to fill it out just a little more. However, for this part I cheated a little bit.

My sewing machine came from a friend that had put these wonderful tape lines to help keep you on track. If you don’t already have something like that on your machine I suggest you take the time to do so. They’ve come in handy with almost all of my projects. 

With the fabric pretty side out, sew a boarder around the entire edge of your pillow cover 1 inch from the side. Insert your pillow and your done!

See, pretty easy right?

back of the envelope pillow cover

I hope you find this project as fun as I did. Next time I’m in JoAnn’s I’ll be looking for some holiday fabric for the living room. 

I’ll be sure to give you guys a peek. 

Best Wishes,
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Envelope pillow cover
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