15 Phrases our parents use to say

15 Phrases our parents use to say

Phrases our parents used to say that have somehow made there way into our vocabulary.

Do you remember being a kid and feeling embarrassed by what your mother would say? Thinking to yourself that you’d be the cool mom.

Ya, I thought so too…. Then one day I said it….


Phrases our parents would say that we now say

My husband was telling me a story and I really had no good words to contribute. This story was so ridiculous and they got what was coming to them.

So before my brain could tell my mouth nooooo, out of my mouth came “well that fixed his little red wagon!”

What! Never in my life have I said that fixes anyone’s red wagon. And there she was, my mother, in our room even though she was 2,000 miles away.

My husbands turn to show his age

Don’t worry, I’m not the only one. Oh no. Our oldest daughter tried to tell a little fib about cleaning her room. Dad called her out on the bluff and she ran down the hall before he could see the mess. As she’s running down the hall he calls after her “I wasn’t born yesterday!”

Staring at him for a good 20 seconds he replied with “What?” Now because I didn’t know if his dad said this I replied with “ok MY mom” Good one right.

Phrases our parents used to say

So here is a list of sayings my mom would use and I’ve asterisked the ones I’ve caught myself saying.

  • It takes two to tango- This was my moms favorite thing to say when I would tattle on my sister. It drove me nuts!
  • Tough titty said the kitty when the milk ran out
  • Oh my lands- you know, when something is just to much
  • Hold your horses!
  • You look like a ragamuffin*
  • You get more flies with honey than with vinegar
  • Whoa nelly (we didn’t own horses)
  • Filled with piss and vinegar-  Filled with energy. Being rowdy
  • High tail it outta here!
  • Its time to shuffle off to buffalo*- in other words… its time to leave
  • For the birds*- can be used several ways… the price is to high… your attitude… basically not to be taken seriously.. Sort of ridiculous
  • You make a better door than a window! – we can’t see the tv, please move
  • Quiet in the peanut gallery*- We are not looking for your opinion!
  • What’s your name? Puddintane! ask me again and I’ll tell you the same*– now this one blew my mind. I was hanging out with a friend and her little boy asked her name… she replied Puddintane! So glad to hear this one traveled cross country
  • Want to go for a ridy ride?* – My mom would ask our dog this all the time! I distinctly remember saying “why can’t you just say ride!” Well, because when you become a super awesome adult you say ridy ride, OK! I said it just last week…. For the hundredth time.
  • As slow as cold molasses!*
  • Second Tuesday of next week. example- When can we schedule that apt? Oh how about second Tuesday of next week. (a made up confusing date when you really don’t want to do something) 

Its fun to catch yourself in a pure mom moment. Or if you weren’t born yesterday, a dad moment.

If we’re lucky, we’ll embarrass them just enough so that our daughters say shuffle off to buffalo to their kids. Far, far, far, in the future.

Until then lets make sure we prep them properly by never giving our real names and asking the dogs if they want to go for a ridy ride. 

Best Wishes for an awesome old school parent day,


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