Sparkling water at home

Sparkling water from home

How to make sparkling water from home and save on your grocery budget. How does it work, and is it easy?

Sparkling water is something we stumbled upon. We had ditched soda a few years back but the craving for something carbonated was strong! With all the information about sugary drinks, we left the bubbly beverage to occasional days out. 

After a family visit last spring, our parents left behind one bottle of carbonated water as they were heading to the airport. Thats when our full on obsession began. Thats when the grocery budget took a hit. 

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Sparklking water from home

Sparkling water from home

We were completely hooked on bottled sparkling water! The sports drinks disappeared from the house along with probably the most dramatic, the energy drinks. 

The energy drinks were gone, and my husband was happy about it! But we were drinking 4-5 bottles (16oz) of sparkling water (between the two of us) a day! We could have easily gone for more, but buying 5 packages of sparkling water per grocery trip is ridiculous. 

We justified it with we don’t drink sports drinks, we cut energy drinks, but no matter how you looked at it, it was getting expensive. 

Soda Machine vs. Carbinated water from the store

We had a ton of questions and hesitation before making our purchase.

  • How long will it take before we break even?
  • Will it taste as good?
  • What if we don’t like it?
  • Is it easy?
  • How long does it last?
  • How do you get more/mail it?
  • Is it safe?

The amount of one time use bottles we were going through, were far to many. Even though we had a ton of questions and were still a bit hesitant, we decided to buy a Sodastream and try it out for ourselves. 

Sparkling water at home

I tried other carbonated waters and didn't like them

Not all carbonated beverages are the same and you may have tried something similar but weren’t a fan. The ones we really loved from the store were Perrier and Pellegrino. With Perrier having a sight leg up on flavor and Pellegrino having a better price. 

  • Club Soda- Carbonated with added minerals and salts.
  • Seltzer- Carbonated with no added minerals- many add citrus flavors 
  • Tonic water- Carbonated with added sugar and quinine (gives it a bitter taste) Great for mixing
  • Sparkling Mineral water- Naturally carbonated from a spring or well with natural minerals. Different brands have slightly different tastes. 
I would compare the taste of making it from your own home to sparkling mineral water or seltzer.  

How long did it take before you started saving money

Now we are using this Sodastream for sparkling water only. We are not making soda. Regular soda at the store is fairly cheap, sparkling water on the other hand is kind of pricy.

Before getting a Sodastream we were buying sparkling water a few different ways. Either the one Liter bottles for a little over $1 each, 16oz-6 packs or 10-can case at 8oz each. Our prices and choices depended on what brand and size was on sale that week. 

I found a good deal! and my daughter is judging me. 

Doing this the easiest, lets pretend I can get 1 liter for 1$. We each drink one a day. So for two weeks thats 28 bottles between the two of us. For one month we are looking at $56, AT BEST! 

Now that we have a Sodastream we each drink 2 liters a day. Thats 56 liters in two weeks! For the entire month it costs us roughly $37 a month. AND we doubled our water intake! 

It took us about two months to break even on buying a Sodastream vs buying at the store. 

I say two roughly two months because the real savings comes from buying carbonation refills. The first bottle you buy is full price. But for us the first two bottles were full price because we were buying a spare. 

We like to have a refill on hand at all times. This means we buy 2 refills at a time. With shipping we are spending about $37 a month on sparkling water made at home. 

How long does a 60L (one cylinder) last?

It all depends on how fizzy you like to make your drinks. We like them pretty fizzy (push the button 4 times) and we make 4 1-liter bottles a day. A refill will last us almost 2 weeks. So we order 2 refills once a month and send the used empty cylinder back. 

How do you exchange them/send them back?

You can oder refills right on Sodastream’s website

After you get your new cylinders in the mail you use the same box to ship back the used ones. They have the shipping label all printed out for you, so you just need to place it over the old label. USPS now ships them so its as easy as dropping it off at the post office. 

Its prepaid, so no need to worry about paying for shipping. Its already taken can of. You have 30 days to get it back to them. We send them back within the first couple of days and always make sure to get a receipt. 

Sparkling water at home

Is it safe to send it through the mail?

Sodastream has proven that its safe to mail 60L CO2 cylinders and have been granted a special permit. If you’re interested in knowing more, check out storage, handling and shipping information here. 

How long does your water stay carbonated?

When you buy your Sodastream it includes special bottles designed to keep the carbonation in. Not only do we drink them right away, we also make them the night before and store them in the fridge. That way they are ready to go as we walk out of the house in the morning.  

Our sparkling water obsession will continue

We love making sparkling water at home. Its convenient, refreshing and as a bonus we have given up less healthy alternatives. We are reusing our water bottles and staying hydrated during these hot summer months. 

Our sparkling water habit could not have lasted much longer without having a Sodastream on hand. And just so you all know, this post is not sponsored by them. I just love my sparkling water that much. I hope you guys do too. 

Best Wishes,


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Sparkling water from home
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