Turning your dining room into a playroom

Dining room turned playroom

Turning your dining room into a playroom. Why it might be the right move for you. 

I love my dining room, now. Moving in we called it the ketchup room. Terrible dark red walls and paint that was chipping off. 

After giving it a much needed coat of paint, I fell in love with that beautiful space with large windows and golden morning light. 

So why in the world would I turn it into a playroom!

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turning a dining room into a playroom

With the world being a little upside down I did what everyone did during those first few months of learning from home- I made it up. School was closed but schoolwork was still expected. So we moved a few things and turned our dinning room into a classroom. 

Workbooks, play dough, coloring supplies, you name it. But somewhere in there I realized why this space for them was so important. 

Now that the world is slowly reopening and it being summer vacation, why wouldn’t I reclaim my dining room?

5 Reasons why we turned the dining room into a playroom-

Things aren't back to normal yet-

Ok, so some things are getting back to normal. But you won’t find us at any movie theaters or children’s museums just yet. This summer we’ll be at home more than normal, so an added play space was necessary. 

Wanting to be close to us-

My kids have been troopers though all of this and even though we could tell them to go play in their rooms, they want to be close to us. I can’t say I blame them, its been an odd fews months and seeing me close by is comforting. 

They love to show us their creations. Puzzles, drawings, lego buildings. If I’m cooking in the kitchen they’re just a glance over. It makes “Mom! Look at me!” That much easier. 

One day they’ll head off to their rooms and I’ll wish for the days they wanted to show me their drawings. 

It keeps the mess in one area-

With the kids working on month 4 of being home, its been a challenge picking up. Even though its only a few things here or there, its a few things here or there ALL over the house! Every room! And somehow that included mine. 

Giving them a designated space close by gave me the rest of the house back… for the most part. 

It's hot out!

They absolutely play outside! We love the little summer oasis we’ve created. They play in our big little pool, bikes, chalk, swings, you name it. But with this summer heat we can’t do that all day every day. 

When we need a break from the heat they now have a quiet place to read books or play with play dough. 

Family meals are important but we're home all day-

Our schedule is anything but normal right now. We aren’t getting home from work, school or extra activities and needing family dinners to catch up. 

If it’s not to hot, we’ll enjoy dinner on the pergola. (usually breakfast right now) Otherwise we’ll eat in the kitchen nook. 

We'll get back to normal

When normal work and school schedules pick up I’ll reclaim that space again. We’ll chat over tater tot casserole about our days, and talk about the new flow of school with a positive attitude. 

We’ll have that time apart and come home with new stories to tell. 

Until then it’ll stay a playroom because after all, a dining room is where you make your family memories. Not just eat a meal. 

Its turned into the room of requirement and right now we need a playroom. 

dinning room turned playroom
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