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Ages and stages of children growing up

Ages and Stages of our children growing up. As moms we can get tired of the same old daily routine. Until one day it all changes. 

It was two days before my youngest daughters birthday, and as moms that’s when we do our best reflecting.

Do you remember being pregnant with your first? Painting the nursery, organizing the bookshelf. Looking at the empty crib, anxious to meet this little baby.

Ages and stages of children growing up

As each year passes you realize the things that will never be again.

Everything that had a first that also had a last.

  • The first infant bath had a last toddler bath.
  • The first time they crawled had a last time they needed to crawl, before they one day stood up and took on the world.
  • The first time you read to them changed into them asking you for a story. Until they learned to read on their own. 
  • The first time they said mommy, changed into them saying mom. 

Two days before her 5th birthday we were doing yard work when all of a sudden she called out

“Mom Look at me!

Looking over I saw that my daughter had finally learned how to pump her legs. There she was soaring as high as the swing would allow. 

In that moment I realized that if she ever asks me to push her again it would be because she wants to be with me. Not because she needs me to push her.

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I didn’t know it was my last time pushing my daughter before she learned to soar on her own.

Just like I won’t know the last time that I pick her up.

How crazy is it that we can’t wait for them to help a little more and then look back and miss holding that squishy little baby.

How exciting it is for the next steps in this stage of a little kid mixed into a big kid.

  • The first family bike ride.
  • The first time you take them camping.
  • The first time you take them fishing.
  • That first time she learns to soar.

These amazing family ages and stages come with so many exciting moments. So I’ll take the photos, I’ll capture the video.

I’ll soak in the next time I push her on the swing as possibly the last time she ever asks.

And that’s ok, because I’m excited for our future. I’m so excited for HER future.

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Ages and stages of children growing up
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