How to use Chalk Paint | Beginners Guide


How to use chalk paint. Beginners guide on how to paint furniture with chalk style paint.

dresser makeover with chalk paint. Beginners Guide

We all have those certain pieces of furniture that have followed us into adulthood. The ones that work just fine but man, would you love an update. 

An update that comes with a good solid piece of furniture without the high price tag. So instead you decide to paint what you have! Because we’re practical, but we also like nice things. 

Dresser makeover with chalk paint. Beginners guide

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Looking around for a new dresser when our daughters dresser fell apart, it was amazing the high price tag new furniture pieces had.

After searching a few thrift stores we found an old, solid, perfect dresser. One that would grow with her and last a long time. 

But she wasn’t the only one in need of bedroom furniture. Need is definitely a stretch.


The first piece of furniture we wanted to update was my husbands dresser that he had as a kid and his parents had before he was born.

This dresser has history and it’s at least 35 years old! Now that’s the type of furniture I want in my house.


One of the reasons chalk style paint is so popular is because it requires little to no prep.  I’ve see makeovers with gloss finishes that come out beautifully! For older, more loved furniture the nicks and gouges can elevate that vintage farmhouse look that you might be looking for. Or you may want to fill those gouges with wood filler.

But when it comes to peeling paint you’re going to want to lightly sand those areas. 

Now I say chalk style paint because the chalk paint brand was invented by Annie Sloan although there are many others who have made a chalk style paint. 

Dresser before and after chalk paint
Dresser Makeover Beginners Guide to Chalk paint

Since we have a darker wall behind the dresser we wanted to go with a farmhouse white. Even though it says little to no prep, you can see that we have a redish tint, lots of wear, stains and rings at the top. 

Being new to chalk paint, we weren’t willing to have color or stains showing though. 


Doing this project on a budget, we decided to use the same hardware but to spray paint it espresso for a contrasted look. We also did a little bit more than a light sand on top to really make sure those stains were gone. 

We didn’t want to leave the insides of the drawers unfinished. As fine as it would have been, we thought it would be nice to have a dark espresso color for the inside, sides of the drawers, for the drawer pulls and for the top as well. (The top being a last minute decision)

Spray painting the inside of the drawers espresso


For this project we used Kilz Chalk Style paint. Apply your first coat of paint using long even strokes, remembering to paint with the wood grain. This first coat might show your brush strokes. Let the paint dry and apply your second coat. 

With the second coat you’ll begin to see the brush stokes disappear and once it has dried you’ll be left with that nice chalky finish. 


If you’re looking for an antique weathered look, you can begin to lightly sand over parts of your project. When distressing try to go for areas that would naturally become more worn. Around the edges, on the corners and knobs. 


Before the project is finished you’re going to want to do a wax or protective topcoat. You can find several different kinds of waxes that go from clear, light or dark in color. All of which protect and enhance the color, the ones with tint giving a more unique look. 

For this project we decided to go with Rust-Oleum Chalked protective topcoat. Which comes in a spray can and gives it a matte finish. 

For the wax you’ll want to wax on using one cloth, and wipe off the excess with another. 


This was the perfect project to get our feet wet using chalk paint. This solid piece of furniture just needed a little makeover to give our bedroom a more grown up farmhouse vibe. 

Painting the top, knobs and insides of the drawers a contrasting expresso color put it over the top for us, and we are in love with the direction our bedroom is going. 

Giving new life to the things you already have.

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Dresser makeover with chalk paint. Beginners guide

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