45 Camping Gift Ideas For Kids + Gift Giving Guide 2023

Camping gift ideas for kids of all ages. Gifts that will keep them exploring and loving nature.

Camping has become one of our favorite family pastimes. One where we search months in advance to get that perfect spot on the lake or near our favorite hiking areas.

We roast marshmallows around the fire and make up campfire stories that are only a little bit scary, otherwise we might have bad dreams.

Over the years we’ve found, and have been given, some amazing camping gifts for our kids. Gifts that encourage them to use their imaginations, get creative, and take a closer look at nature.

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Now that we’ve been camping for a while, I thought I might take the time to make a list of Camping Gift Ideas for Kids. Easy camping ideas that kids of all ages will love.

It might be a little chilly now, but even in the winter we’ve been known to head south where it’s a bit less cold to continue our camping family memories.

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Dino LED Headlamp- New places can be a little scary. Especially when the sun starts to set. Keep them excited for evenings by getting them their own headlamp. That way they can help mom and dad around the campsite and not feel so afraid of the dark.

Walkie Talkies- Walkie talkies are a great way to let them explore a little bit. It allows them to play hide and seek and even look around (depending on ages) without needing to have mom or dad right next to them. And the beauty is you can always call them back with using your own walkie talkie to let them know dinner is almost ready.

Kids Blanket Hoodie- Feeling cozy is a must around the campsite, but somehow kids and jackets don’t always mix. These kids blanket hoodies are perfect for those chilly nights. Oversized like a blanket but gives you the freedom to move around comfortably

Mini Karaoke Machine- Kumbaya anyone? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but little kid voices are just the sweetest thing. Give them the mic for their own rendition of “Old MacDonald.”

Outdoor Exploration Kit- Bugs, beetles, dragonflies. Keep them busy for hours with this exploration kit that includes binoculars, a magnifying glass, whistle and more.

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit- Get crafty with this glow in the dark rock painting kit, including rocks, stickers, glitter, gems, paint brushes and glow in the dark paint. Everything you need to create a few fun designs around the campsite.

Kids Fishing Pole- Make lasting memories and teach your kids and grandkids how to fish like a pro with this fishing pole with tackle box and bait. Available in several colors and sizes for children of all ages.

Kids Hammock with Tree Straps- Let the little ones relax under the trees with this easy to set up hammock designed just the right size for them.

Pressed Flower Art Kit- Bring art home with you with this pressed flower art kit. This project allows you to save that very special bouquet of flowers your kids picked for you and to display it proudly in your home.

Soapstone Carving Kit- This detailed project will offer hours of fun as kids learn to carve an animal with a kid-safe carving file and sandpaper. Be sure to check out other animals they have available as well, such as a turtle, cat, eagle and more. Recommended for older children.

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Travel Telescope with Carry Bag- Take full advantage of a clear night sky with this telescope with X150 magnification. Great for moon gazing and easy to carry with its own travel bag. Be sure to pick up a copy of Astronomy for Kids: How to explore outer space with Binoculars, a telescope or just your eyes!

KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera- Capture and print photos instantly with an instant print camera. Perfect travel size for sharing memories on the go. There are now so many different camera options, so be sure to pick one that is age appropriate.

Digital cameras, like this Digital Camera with 16x Zoom, offers different options such as a timer and continuous shooting. However, it does require you to print the photos out yourself. A great way to share memories with friends and family and purchase different sizes for your wall.

*Pro Tip- My favorite way to easily purchase and print photos is by uploading them to the Walgreens website and printing them through my local store using the one hour photo service. I’ve always been happy with the quality, price, and how fast you can receive them!

Kids Balance Bike- These no pedal bikes for toddlers offer an easy way to learn how to ride a bike. Lightweight and low to the ground, your little one will be riding like a pro and learning to balance in no time at all.

CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E Kids Hydration Backpack– Get the kids excited for the next family hike with this great hydration backpack. With several design options and a small pocket for snacks, you just made hiking extra easy for mom and dad. And you’ll never have to backtrack for a lost water bottle again.

Camping Themed LEGO Sets- Get into the spirit of camping with LEGO sets. With so many different sets to choose from such as this Caravan Family Holiday set, or this Glamping Outdoors Adventure set.

Jetson Jupiter Jumbo Scooter with 8 Inch Wheels and LED Lights- Ride around the campground in style with this Jeston Jumbo scooter with 8 inch wheels and LED lights. The 8 inch wheels makes riding over bumpy areas a breeze and with the base having LED lights, it’s easy to be seen even in the twilight hours.

Looking for a scooter for younger kids? Try this Kicksy Kids Scooter with three wheels and LED lights for children ages 3-5.

Slackers Swing Line- Bring the playground to your campsite with this Slackers Swing Line. Easy to set up, this mini playground offers swings, rings, and a trapeze bar. All you needs is a couple of sturdy trees and the kids will be enjoying this play set for many camping trips to come.

Mini Drone for Kids- Test your flying skills with this mini drone for kids! Complete with camera and voice control. Just be sure to test out your flying skills in an open field.

Lifetime Cadet youth Kayak with Paddle- Take the family out on the lake in their very own youth kayak. Be sure to practice proper safety with a life jacket and follow safety rules. Only to be used with adult supervision.

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Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Card Game- This scavenger hunt card game is perfect for keeping them active and searching around. Play with the whole family or take a few cards and see what kind of interesting things you can find around the campsite.

Magical Flames Fire color Changing Packets for Campfires- Turn your campfire into a magical campfire with color changing packets. With colors like purple, green, red and blue, it’ll keep little ones visually entertained while you tell stories around the campfire.

Light Up Glow Stick Retractable Tubes- Light up pop tubes are a fun alternative to traditional glow sticks. Create fun designs or wear them around the campsite as day turns to night.

Cozy Socks- Wearing cozy socks in the winter is a must for all ages. With these Knee High Animal Stockings you can stay warm and stylish all winter long. Or maybe these great Astronaut Ankle Socks are more your look.

Waterproof Vinyl Stickers- Stickers have upgraded. From small stars at the top of a paper well done in elementary school, to vinyl stickers with bold, vibrant colors. It’s become a way to express yourself and tell a story though the stickers you choose for your water bottles or other suitable places.

Watercolor Paint Set with Travel Box- Have them paint their favorite memory from the trip with this Watercolor Paint Set with Travel Box. Includes everything you need to get started including watercolor paper and special brush. Great for older children or teens.

Camping Books & Journals

Good Night Campsite- End each night with this classic bedtime story made special for camping trips. This board book is vibrantly colored and will have little kids happy to say “goodnight.” Just be sure to wait 10 seconds to catch them sneaking out of bed for a cup of water.

Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal- Start the trip off right with this Road Trip Activities and Travel Journal. With mazes, word searches and places for journal entires, you’ll have the entire trip documented through your kids (or grandkids) eyes.

Books for ages 3-6

Books for ages 8 and up

Hatchet- This award winning classic will have older kids on edge as they read the story of a 13 year old boy lost in the woods of Canada. After a plane crash, this boy is left to survive alone with only a few basic materials, and his hatchet. Recommended for ages 9+

Cozy Bunk Bed Gifts

Star Projector Night Light Lamp- Sleep under the stars, while under this stars, with this rotating projector night light. With a built in timer, this night light is sure to bring comfort to every camping trip.

Marine Life Youth Sleeping Bag- Mummy Style- Stay warm and cozy in this marine life mummy style sleeping bag, in teal. Also available in serveral different colors and designs.

Star Fairy Lights- Decorate the camper bunk bed with these soft white fairy lights. Add a soft glow to any bunk by hanging these star lights with command strips around the bunk bed ceiling of the camper.

Kids too young to hang lights safely around the bunk bed? Try this 2 in 1 Hanging Lantern and Star Projector, instead.

Folding Lap Desk with Storage- Add extra space to you children’s bunk beds with this folding lap desk with storage. Turn their space into a comfortable place to have quiet coloring time before bed. Be sure to fill this desk with their favorite coloring books, markers, colored pencils and more.

Mini Squishmallows- Keep the big Squishmallow pillows at home and bring these Mini Squishmallows instead. These small stuffed animals pack hours of fun on the car ride and make a nice addition to their cozy bunk beds.

Family Board Games

Dog Crimes- Who pooped on the rug! To solve this mystery you must read the clues carefully to find out who did the crime. With several levels to choose from, this board game will be a challenge at just the right level starting with beginners all the way to expert. Can you solve the mystery?

Camp Board Game- Learn fun facts about animals in this fun family board game. Perfect for all ages with different levels of questions geared towards adults and children.

Water Works Card Game- To complete this game you must design your water pipe 10 cards long to win! But be careful because other players are looking to sabotage your progress with cards such as leaky pipes and more.

This classic card game has been around since the 50’s and is a personal family favorite. If you’re lucky you might just find this vintage game in a thrift store.

Camping with the family can be so much fun with all the kids laughing and playing around the campsite. And with these camping gift ideas for kids, you can take the guess work out of your shopping list.

Just remember that the real gift is spending time with one another. Whether that be at home or on the road.

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