Painting your front door

hot to paint a metal door

How to paint a metal door to dramatically change the look and feel of your home. 

Just like any other couple looking to purchase a home, we looked at a ton! Um, online. We actually didn’t set foot in any house we were interested in. We were stationed in Hawaii and did our entire experience shopping online! 

That is, with a great realtor. 

But before we asked for a virtual tour, we did what any couple would do. 

we judged a book by its cover

In our case, by its photos. In fact we passed by this one for a few months! 

The mustard yellow living room, and ketchup red dinning room were just to much. 

And we were the ones yelling at the couples on HGTV saying “you can paint that! The location is perfect!” 

Nothing from the front said welcome and everything on the inside screamed hot dog. 

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How to paint a metal door

Not only did this house not impress me, it was put up against all this brand new construction! 

Normal paint colors, beautiful counter tops, perfect light fixtures. But what does it always come back to? Location, school district and the lifestyle you want. 

Sure I could have a brand new house. But in our area that meant giving up a yard and privacy. The yard and privacy won, and we were determined to get rid of the hot dog-ness inside. 

looking beyond what it is and seeing what it could become

Before taking on the bigger projects inside, we wanted to start with the metal door. 

before photo of the blue painted door

I’m not sure it gets any more sad and unwelcoming than that. 

The bench is sad, the flowers need help, the doormat looks like someone walked all over it… (what… that was funny) 

And the door is a boring, no personality, metal cream colored door. 

This entire door says go away. Literally, no soliciting. 

How much impact can a bottle of paint have on your mood and guests? 

How to paint your front metal door

When to start painting

We chose a gorgeous 65 degree, breezy day, to start our project. The first thing we did was wash the door and windows surrounding it. 

Then we took a smaller brush and painted the square and rectangle insets. Followed by the vertical center of the door. The top and middle horizontal portions and lastly we did the vertical sides of the door. 

The trouble came when we couldn’t decided if we should paint the surrounding sides of the windows, or leave them white. 

Ultimately, we decided to paint the sides but to leave the trimming white to add some contrast. 

By painting the surrounding windows its more cohesive, bold and purposeful. 

this is not just any house, this is our home

Walking up to this beautiful blue door you are met with warmth and welcoming. Something a little different than everyone else. A change that only took an hour to do and many compliments and inspiration to others, to paint their door a bold and different color. 

If your wondering about that gorgeous purple door in the beginning? Thats a photo it took while up in New Hampshire. And my awesome Mother In-Law has beautiful purple door just like it. Complete with a matching purple hose. 

Next time I’m up there I’ll snap a photo for you. 

And as always… 

Best Wishes,
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How to paint a metal door
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