Rubbermaid Storage Shed + Shelving & Organization

Rubbermaid storage shed and shelving. How we assembled and organized our 7×7 resin storage shed and built a simple ramp.

As yard and gardening tools accumulate they begin to take over every extra inch in the garage. And even though you’ve added garage shelving and keep things pretty organized, the space has run out and now you’re on the hunt for the perfect backyard storage shed.

One that is weather resistant, strong, and doesn’t take up too much space in the yard. It also needs to fit a riding lawn mower, gardening supplies and pool accessories.

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Oh, we’re not done with our list.

It also needs to be budget friendly, easy to assemble and nothing that will rust.

Table of contents:

The Goldilocks standards were set but we already knew we were getting another 7×7 Rubbermaid storage shed.

Another? Yes, another. We had our first Rubbermaid storage shed for six years. It made it through Arkansas storms, strong winds and hail but still kept everything safe and dry inside the shed.

However, after one particular bad storm, a fence toppled on top of it and ended the life our shed.

This is our own personal experience. Be sure to seek professional guidance, practice tool safety, read the manual, and follow city ordinances.


We went on Amazon and ordered a 7×7 Rubbermaid Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed. The package arrived in a large box and we waited for some nice weather to set it up.

Storage Shed Foundation

It’s recommended that this storage shed is to be built on a solid, level, surface. For ours we built a 7×7 platform using pressure treated wood and plywood and made sure it was level by digging out certain areas.

Storage shed foundation ideas:

  • Concrete slab
  • Pressure treated wood platform
  • Crushed gravel pad

Storage Shed Location

You also want to keep in mind the placement of the storage shed. With easy access and an area without any drainage problems. We chose this location because it was the most level spot in the yard, easy to get out necessities, and it kept away from the natural flow of water during heavy rains.


Next, we opened the box and organized all of the materials and hardware to make sure nothing was missing.

*Note- As you are going through the materials be sure to look for, and set aside, the windows. The windows are covered with a protective cover and easily look like cardboard.

Storage shed box after delivery.
Organizing the contents of the box.


  • Drill
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Ratchet
  • Rubber mallet
  • Liquid soap
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Ladder or small ladder step stool

Then we started by following the manufactures instructions here, and fastened the floor to the platform. Next came the side walls. The instructions suggest using dish soap to help slide everything into place and it was very effective at making this shed come together easier.

Securing the flooring.
Using dish soap to slide pieces together easier.

As the walls began to go up, we put in the metal side wall support and wall connector pins.

Setting up the Rubbermaid shedding walls.
Attaching the wall supports and metal pins.

We continued with the opposite wall, back wall, and front, following the instructions and adding metal wall supports and wall connector pins where needed.

Next came the two side gables. After securing them into place we began working on the metal frame supports.

Attaching the first of two side gables to the shed.
Adding the middle metal supports.

We used the hardware to fasten everything into place and continued with the roof.

We placed the metal door header, roof pins, hardware that was call for in the directions, and then we attached part of the roof. One nice touch that was added with the roof above the double doors, is the small gutter. Making it a little more convenient if you need to open the doors while it’s raining.

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Next came the windows and side dormers. Now, I mentioned before that the windows have a protective cover on them and can easily be mistaken for scrap cardboard. Each window will need to have this film removed which can take a few extra minutes.

A rubber seal was placed around the wall dormer of each window before attaching the window with the hardware and adding the side dormer walls.

Sliding the roof into place.
Attaching the front dormer window.

We attached the middle section of the roof and moved on to the double front doors.

We added the handles, barrel bolts to the top and bottom of the door, and door hinges along with the rest of the hardware needed to secure it properly.

Finishing up with the double doors and handles.
Finished Rubbermaid storage shed with three front dormer windows and double doors.


This project only took a couple of hours but we are also very handy and capable. My husband did do most of the work himself but there were a few areas (like holding the walls up) where a second set of hands made it easier.


Yes, we were missing one small bolt for the handle but we just ran to the home improvement store to replace it. I know others might be up in arms that a little bolt was missing, but everything else came perfectly.

Ordering online was easy, delivery was convenient, packaging came undamaged, the directions were easy to read and assembly was beginner friendly.


The last one we owned had lasted six years and was only destroyed because of a fallen fence after an extremely strong storm that also turned over our swing set and playhouse.

However, we were beginning to see a little wear around the seams. I expect that this one will also do a great job for years to came and we both noted that the build on this particular model felt a lot stronger than the last.

Storage shed with DIY ramp.



Now that we had a storage shed, we needed an easy way to get the riding lawn mower in and out of it.

First we added a support header to the base of our storage shed foundation, making sure the top decking wouldn’t interfere with the door. We then decided on how long we needed to make this ramp and cut our 2×4 at a slight angle to match.

Adding a 2x4 support to the foundation frame for the decking of the ramp.
Cutting a 2x4 at an angle for the ramp.

Since our shed is on a slight slope, we dug out three areas for the 2×4 supports before securing the decking. Lastly we added anti slip tape giving our riding mower more traction.

Finished ramp with four decking boards.
Applying anti slip tape to the ramp.


Now that we had a ramp in place we needed to figure out storage and organization. After fitting in a riding lawn mower, there wouldn’t be much more floor space to add other things such as gardening tools and pool accessories.

With the lawn mower in the storage shed, we measured how much space we comfortably had left on either side. We then decided that we could fit two 74 inch high shelving units that were 36 inches long and 18 inches deep.

Mess of supplies waiting to be organized and stored in the new shed.
Rubbermaid shed with shelving for better organization.

After setting up both shelving units and organizing the gardening tools and pool accessories, it was time for the ultimate test.

Would the riding lawn mower fit?

Riding the the lawn mower into the 7x7 Rubbermaid storage shed.
7x7 Rubbermaid storage shed with shelving and riding lawn mower.

The riding lawn mower fit perfectly! That being said our mower has a 42 inch deck and it fits between the shelving. The ejector, however, does not. The ejector stops just short of the shelving unit. Be sure to measure your own mower and deck.

This rubbermaid storage shed and shelving is exactly what we needed. The garage floor space is all cleared up and we are ready for a great summer filled with mowing the lawn and all things family and DIY.


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