17 Simple money saving tips

simple money saving tips

Simple money saving tips to stick to the budget and still have fun. Getting out of debt is difficult and getting creative about it, is a must.

I’ve always been a little thrifty, but since we’ve started our own get out of debt journey, I’ve taken it to the next step. 

Need vs really need and want is saved for birthdays. If you want to see a change financially, you have to change your spending habits. 

simple money saving tips

You might not like all of them but these are some of the things we do to save a little extra money. We have big goals! and every little bit helps. 

17 Simple ways to save money each month

Ditch Cable

We ditched cable in 2017 but we still wanted to watch tv! We have Netflix (fun note, you can pay for Netflix a few months in advance with an amazon gift card.) We didn’t need much, but we wanted football, christmas specials and the news. We purchased an antenna and its perfect for our needs! 

Buy season passes

Buying season passes gives you a fun place to go for the entire year! Our grandparents love to give season passes for Christmas. Its a great family gift that lasts all year long. 

If you buy a season pass to a zoo or aquarium, it might get you into other zoos or aquariums for a large discount or sometimes even free! 

Check out the

Association of Zoos and Aquariums

to see if your surrounding zoos and aquariums participate. 

The same is true with museum memberships. 

You can check out the 

ASTC travel passport program

North American Reciprocal Museum Association

How about garden passes?

Yes! Check out the American Horticultural Society Reciprocal Admissions Program to see if your garden pass can get you into other gardens as well. 

These programs may have a milage radius of so many miles from your home to be able to participate. Be sure to check their website or call ahead. 

We cut our own hair

I know you’re cringing, I can feel it! Since my husband is in the military it was just easier to learn how to cut his hair at home. We bought a good pair of clippers and I have been cutting his hair for about 5 years now. 

It took a little practice but after a few tries I was able to get the hang of it. 

Yes, I cut mine and our girls as well. We like to have longer hair, so a trim is pretty easy. 

No bottled water or soda

I haven’t bought soda in years but I do love sparkling water! Its kind of an obsession. However, sparkling water is expensive. Bottled water in general is expensive. Ditch the bottle and try filtered tap water. 

As for my sparkling water obsession?

We bought a SodaStream! You can add flavor but this sparkling water is perfect. Its refreshing and we save so much money not buying bottled or sparkling water. 

To learn more about how we make our own sparkling water, check out my post Sparkling Water at Home. 

Thrift store toys/clothes

I love my children but kids are kids and have no idea if you spent $10 or $100, eventually the toy or clothing ends up on the floor. 

In good condition, new to them, is just fine. 

  • Same with hand me downs. I love hand me downs!

Borrow books from the Library

Our oldest has become the best little reader! It makes my heart so happy that she enjoys reading every night. We use the library constantly and set limits when the school book fair comes around. 

Shop with a list

The grocery store can run away with your budget if you let it. We figure out a meal plan and stick with our list. 

  • helps with impulse purchases
  • We buy a turkey breast with the bone and make several meals.
    • turkey soup, turkey enchiladas, turkey pot pie, turkey buffalo sliders… ect. (we don’t eat chicken)  
  •  use coupons but don’t get caught up in a sale that will leave you broke. 


  • manicures/pedicures 
  • new glasses- You don’t need to get new frames every time. They will change the lenses on your old ones. -You also don’t need to get the thin lenses unless you want to. I’ve been rocking these black frames for three years AND have thick lenses. Its the super cool nerd look…or something
  • drive through coffee/fast food 

Repaint and Repurpose

Painting anything gives it a new life but you can also get creative with where you place things

I have a friend back home who has several bureaus in her living room. They are decorated with beautiful greenery and antique photo frames. 

Limit eating out

Set money aside and plan dinning out. Make it a part of the budget and limit it to special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries ect. 

Saying never is unreasonable-but you know its expensive. Skip the fast food and love what you eat.  

Drive to pay local bills

I guess I’m old school but when the heck did some places start charging to pay online?! A processing fee? You’re kidding right? 

If I’m driving by the water company, I pay my water bill. Its that easy-They have a drop box-I save my stamp. 

A stamp might not sound like much but I bet you hate buying a book of stamps when you need them. 

Reuse lunch meat containers

Its the perfect traveling tupperware for school or car snacks.

  • Pack lunches for zoo days.
  • Bring snacks and water-Don’t get caught up in the over priced convince foods. 

Make a budget and stick to it

Every payday I make a new budget for our normal bills and the extras we need to plan for. 

  • Wait for holidays or birthdays for the big purchases.
    • Set a price for birthdays and Christmas and stick to it.

Planning to purchase extra food for Thanksgiving? Put it in the budget. 

  • Include-Shoes, glasses, clothes, birthdays, holidays, BBQs, home DIY’s

You CAN enjoy these things-Just plan for it. Know where your money is going. 

Use cash over cards

Its hard to hand over cash. If you don’t/can’t give up drive through coffee, use cash. Watch how easy and fast it disappears. 

Starting our get out of debt journey we gave ourselves biweekly allowances. That way we could slowly adjust to our new system and way of thinking.

Don't upgrade if it still works

I would love a new refrigerator…washing machine… counter tops… shower… but there is nothing wrong with the ones I have now. Don’t get caught up with keeping up with the Joneses. 

The right financial decision might not be the most popular one. 

Things we splurge on

  • Shoes-good quality shoes
  • Real ingredients/healthy food

I wouldn’t exactly say we splurge on groceries, but I can’t and won’t eat the cheapest, highly processed foods, just to save a few dollars.

Your health is number one. We stick to the budget WHILE eating healthy. 


Exchange babysitting when you can and always give where it counts.

Give your time-Give your energy-Give your smile

Best Wishes,


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simple money saving tips
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