Easy DIY Dog Door For a Screen Room + Budget Friendly!

How to make an easy DIY dog door for a backyard screen room. No more ruined screen doors with this budget friendly project.

Our new home has a beautiful screen room facing the backyard and tree line. It’s an absolutely wonderful little space except for one problem.

To let the dog out, you also have to go out to open the screen room door. To let the dog in, you either need wait for them to finish their business, or head back inside, get distracted, and find the dog at the sliding door because they clawed the screen door to get in.

Ok, this is a problem we need to fix ASAP.

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I mentioned above how this DIY dog door came out of desperation but the truth is, about a week or so after moving into our new home, our dog had found her own door in a partial broken screen in our screen room.

Broken screen from dog using it as a door.

It was great that we no longer had to go out to let her through the screen door, but now that it is was getting warmer, the flies were finding their way into our screen room. Completely defeating the purpose for a screen room all together.

It was time to find a real solution.

DIY dog door using a replacement flap and 2x4.

This is our own personal experience. Be sure to seek professional guidance and practice tool safety.


  • Dog door replacement flap- sized appropriately for the pet
  • 1- 2x4x8 pressure treated board
  • 2 ½ in. pocket hole screws
  • 6 washers with 1 in. wood screws


  • circular saw
  • pocket hole jig
  • square
  • saw horse
  • razor blade
  • staple gun with staples
  • safety glasses
  • pencil
  • dog treats


The first thing we did was measure the area we wanted to put the dog door. The screen was already partially off and this was our dogs favorite way to leave the screen room.

So we ordered an XL replacement flap dog door and framed in the area using a pressure treated 2×4. We used a pocket hole jig to hide the screws along the new door.

Steps 1-4. Measure. Frame. Screw. Add door.

Then we attached the replacement flap to the 2×4 using appropriately sized washers and 1 inch wood screws.

Amazon: Petsafe Replacement Flap- Sizes offered, small through extra large.

Steps 5-6. Staple screen. Cut for flap. Teach dog how to use.

Next, we stapled our old screen back in place and cut the screen around the DIY dog door with a razor blade.

Note- In the future we will be adding trim pieces over the stapled screen to give a more finished look and stronger hold.

  • Keeps dogs from scratching at the screen door.
  • Keeps mosquitos and flys from entering into the sunroom and house.
Brown dog walking through new DIY dog door.


It was a little confusing to our dog at first, wondering where she was supposed to exit the screen room. She’s an old lady puppy so it was important for us to help teach her how to use the door properly.

Dog, named Penny, learning how to use the dog door.

It only took a few treats back and forth for her to get the hang of things, and then a gentle reminder the next day on where the door was. After a few days she was able to go in and out with ease. Saving our screen door from paws, and keeping all the flys out of the screen room by having everything all buttoned up.

This was a simple solution to our pet door problem, and one that was budget friendly with huge results.


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