Frosted Glass Table Top, Windows & More | Easy DIY Project

Frosted glass table top, windows and more. Three ways to achieve this frosted glass look for privacy and home decor.

This frosted glass table top project came more out of desperation than for looks or style. Our glass table couldn’t go more than 3 minutes without fingerprints and smudges gifted to us by our two little girls. It was a battle I was never going to win and I shouldn’t!

Kids are kids, and moms become desperate and decide that we can either live with the lovely fingerprints or get creative at hiding them.

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There was no way I was going to live with the fingerprints but I was absolutely going to hide them.

So we made our way to our home improvement store for something that was simple and cost effective. I had an idea in mind on how I wanted it to look and since this table was found at a second hand store, I was willing to try almost anything.

This is our own personal experience. Be sure to read manufacture instructions and practice safety.




Using glass cleaner clean your table top and wipe with a lint free cloth. Since our table was found at a second hand store, it came with a few scratches in the glass.

That never bothered me so much as not realizing how silly it was to buy a glass table where food, kids, games or anything other than decoration would take place.

Smudges and scratches on an old glass table top.


If you’d like some kind of design in your table you can use masking or painters tape to mark off the areas. We decided on a simple rectangle since we wanted most of the table to be frosted. This left a small decorative look that would allow for far less fingerprints.

You can also do a diamond or chevron pattern if you’re looking for something a little more detailed.

Making off the area that is to remain clear.


Before you continue with the project it is important to move into a well ventilated area, preferably outside. You’ll also want to make sure you have a drop cloth underneath and all other objects are far enough away to not be affected by overspray.

Shake can and be sure to follow the spray paint instructions.

Spray the frosted glass spray paint 10-12 inches away from the surface using constant even strokes.

Spray with second coat if desired.

*Do no attempt on a windy day as it will cause your frosted glass spray paint to become uneven and blotchy.

Using frosted glass spray paint outdoors to frost the table.

Allow to fully dry and remove the tape. For this table we flipped the glass upside down so that the texture of the frosted glass was under the table. I also wanted to protect the surface from little kids with forks since I wasn’t sure how this spray would stand up to that.

Before with smudges and scratches.
After with a semi transparent frost glass table top.

This was an easy DIY project that we were able to complete in under an hour. For just the cost of the Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass spray paint we were able to transform this table from a fingerprint nightmare to something a lot more family friendly.


There are a couple of other ways that you can achieve the frosted glass look. For smaller projects you can use etching cream or keep it simple with frosted glass window film.

What are some things you can etch with etching cream?

  • mirrors
  • wine glass
  • cups
  • mugs
  • vases
  • soap dispensers
  • and more

What are some things you can cover with frosted glass window film?

  • the glass on a front or back door
  • basement windows
  • garage windows
  • mirrored closet doors
  • glass cabinets or hutches
  • the bottom half of windows (may help deter dogs from barking)
  • and more

Not only can frosted glass help with little fingerprints, it can also help give your home more privacy or add a special touch to some home decor.

I hope this helps inspire you to get creative with your own home and find solutions to life’s little mess. Maybe this idea can help hide clutter in glass cabinets or hide puppy smudges on the bottom of a window.

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