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Lake Tawakoni State Park. Texas weekend camping trip to this quiet state park. Hiking trails and things to do in the area.

This was our first time camping in our new (to us) camper! We decided to take a nice long weekend trip to Lake Tawakoni State Park, Texas. We have friends stationed down at Randolph AFB and since we’re stationed in Arkansas, this was the perfect halfway point.

So if you’re looking for an easy weekend with space between the camp sites and a few hikes in the area to take the kids and dogs on, this might just be the spot for you.

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We arrived on Friday evening just before the sun set. Since we were visiting in January, the state park was a bit sleepy. Perfect for us RV newbies.

Lake Tawakoni State Park

The roads are well maintained and the parking is paved and level along several different culs-de-sack. Making this an easy place to navigate. They even had a few pull through spots available.

You can check out the Lake Tawakoni State Park Map here.

Before we knew it, the sun had set and we were heating up homemade enchiladas I had made earlier that morning, over the fire pit. Turns out this would be our nicest, and warmest day.

The next morning we woke to something sounding a bit odd. At first we thought it was just the wind. But being from New England, something about this sound was vary familiar.

It was waves!

Waves on a windy day at Lake Tawakoni State Park.

Sipping our morning coffee I could not wait to get out there! We had a fun reminder on how to put on extra pants under pants, and gladly listened to our kids complaining to the tune of “why do we have to wear two pairs of socks!?”

Just across from our campsite, at number 66, is one of several trailheads that lead to a few different lookout points.

Trailhead to Spring Point Branch Trail.
Trailhead leading to Spring Point Branch Trail

Sprinting towards the sound of waves crashing upon the shoreline, we were met with the most beautiful site this New England girl hasn’t seen in quite some time.

The ocean.

Ok, it was just the lake. But with 19 degree weather, freezing winds, a dark gray moody sky and the sound of waves crashing on the beach, it had me feeling like I was on Hampton Beach in NH.

Everyone allowed me 53 seconds before exiting back towards the comfort of their warm RV’s.


  • Wills Point, Texas
    • Boutiques
    • Antiques
    • Pizza
  • 50 miles from East Dallas
  • Canton Trade Days – First Monday

Being outvoted on anything outdoors that day, we decided to check out the cute little town of Wills Point, Texas.

Town center of Wills Point, Texas.

This old little town has some charm if you give it a chance. At first glance you see a few storefronts that are out of business. But if you look beyond that you’ll find a couple of hidden gems.

The first hidden gem we found was Sweethearts Gift Shop. Inside is a beautiful upscale boutique with fashionable clothing and jewelry, along with home decor and local preserves.

Sweethearts gift shop.
Sweetheart Gift Shop – Family owned boutique
The Green House Inc. Floral and gifts.
The Green House Inc. – Floral gifts and antiques

Heading down the street you’ll find another couple of stores, including The Green House Inc. This floral and gift shop is such a cute find with seasonal decor and the sweetest little rescue cat. She follows you around as both security and manager in charge and loves to be loved.

Before you head back, be sure to stop at the local pizza place for lunch and try their BBQ chicken pizza. It’s delicious!

The town is small, but being only 15 minutes away from the state park, it’s a nice drive and the perfect place to spend an hour or two.


Have you heard about the world largest flea market located in Canton Texas? I hadn’t either! and if I had, I would have planned this trip around it.

Located 30 miles from Lake Tawakoni State Park is the town of Canton. This popular town is booming during First Monday Canton Trade Days. The first Monday of every month they hold the worlds largest flea market with handcrafted gifts, furniture, food and everything in between.

They are open from dawn to dusk and even though it takes place the first Monday of every month, it actually starts the Thursday before the first Monday. So get there early and find some great deals!


  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Geocaching
  • Trading Post
  • Become a Junior Ranger

Hiking – This state park has several easy hiking trails. Besides doing the little trails around our campsite, we also checked out the Farkleberry Trail, Red Oak Trail and the Osage Orange Trail.

Lake Tawakoni State Park trails map.

Along the Osage Orange Trail you’ll come across the most beautiful tree with, I believe it’s called, sucker roots? I’m not really sure, but the tree is fascinating with its root system and gorgeous moss covered branches.

Large moss covered tree along the Osage Orange trail.

Trading Post

Head into the trading post to ask about their favorite things to see and do. Inside is a shop with drinks, snacks, firewood, ice, souvenirs and fishing bait.

Fishing – Did you know that in Texas you don’t need a fishing license to fish from the shoreline at a State Park? If you left your gear at home this might be another great reason to check out the trading post. According to their website you can borrow fishing gear at their headquarters.

Become a Junior Ranger – Also at the Trading Post, kids can pick up their free Junior Ranger Journals and borrow an explorer pack. Each pack comes with an animal tracking key, guide to wild flowers, trees, birds and plants. Along with a pair of binoculars and magnifying glass. With each activity they’ll be one step closer to becoming a Junior Ranger along with earning their own Junior Ranger Pin.

Swimming – The state park does have a designated swimming area and boat ramp. The swimming area is set back in a little cove. This beach has a nice sandy area along with grass and picnic tables just to the side of it. Be mindful of the signs. This area is swim at own risk with no lifeguards on duty.

Beach area at Lake Tawakoni State Park.

Monday morning we packed up from our nice weekend trip and decided to head back to Spring Point Trail, where we were first chased out by freezing winds and crashing waves.

Spring Point Trail.

Along this quiet trail we saw several deer enjoying the early morning and questioning why we would bring dogs to the party when they were so clearly not invited. (Don’t worry, the dogs didn’t bark. They were just as interest as to what these things were as the deer were towards them.)

Calm waters at Lake Tawakoni.

This time the lake was a perfect mirror with calm water. No waves. No sounds of the ocean calling out to other landlocked East Coast natives. Just peace and quiet on this 37,000 surface area of this reservoir.

Fishing boat on the lake.

Even in the cooler winter months you can see that there is plenty to see and do at Lake Tawakoni State Park. So plan the trip! Bring a book and a few boardgames and enjoy the nature around you.

Best Wishes ~Sara

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