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RV shower curtain. How to make this small space feel bigger. Plus tips on what to look for when buying a camper shower curtain.

This is such a simple little post, but when you get a new (used) camper, you’re excited to make it your own!

To get all the little things that make it feel cozy or really, for it to just function properly. Like a shower curtain.

Hindsight is 2020, and you find out quickly that not all shower curtains are the same when living in a small space. Just like a once glamorous 20 minutes hot shower with elbow room, is no longer a possibility.

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We booked our first camping trip after buying our RV pretty quickly. Since we bought it used, we were lucky that it came with so many little extras.

Can opener, knife set, utensils, pots and pans. It was just waiting for us to book the trip! But one thing it didn’t have was a shower curtain. No big deal. You can pick those up anywhere.

And so I did. For $1.50 at the thrift store I found this beautiful blue shower curtain. Only it didn’t work/look quite as I had expected.


The Right Size

Your standard shower curtain is approximately 70×70 inches. And although that will work fine in most cases in an RV, it’s a lot of extra fabric that isn’t necessary.

Shower curtain that is to large for an RV camper.

The length of my tub is approximately 40 inches. Making a 70 inch shower curtain about 20 inches too long. That is if I’m hoping to keep the pleated look.

  • Measure length and hight of RV shower area
  • Buy an RV size shower curtain
  • Hem your own

You can easily find RV size shower curtains online. Just be sure to order the correct size before buying.

Shower Curtain Liner

Another thing to look for is wether or not you need a curtain liner with your shower curtain. Some curtains are water resistant, saving you from having to buy two products and giving you a bit more space in the shower.

Shower liner that is to large for an RV.

As you can see, we also bought a RV shower curtain liner that was too big. Since we’re not new to the curtain liner rodeo, we knew to buy a heavy curtain liner as the light ones will cling to you while showering.

But this liner was just too long and too wide for this already small space.

You can either buy a smaller shower liner for your RV or trim one down to size like we did. This RV shower liner/curtain even has space saving mesh pockets!

Cutting both the shower curtain and liner down to the correct size for an RV.

We cut the shower curtain and liner to size and hemmed the cloth curtain so it would not fray.

blue hemmed shower curtain that fits in the small space.

As you can see we were able to maintain the pleated look while not having too much leftover fabric.

The inside of the shower is where we see the biggest difference. Now that it’s cut to size with both the width and length, we have a bit more room to move around.

Before photo of a large shower curtain liner.
After photo of a shower liner cut down to size.

How to make an RV Shower feel bigger

Besides making sure you buy (or trim) the correct size curtain and liner, you can also purchase a few more things to give you a bit more elbow room while showering.

The first one is replacing your existing curtain rod with an expandable shower rod. Essentially, this curtain rod can be pushed out (while using the shower) or pushed in. Giving you a few extra inches either way you may need it. This product does need to be properly fastened to the wall, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

Another trick is to buy an extension rod and place it a few inches outside of the shower. That way you can drape your curtain liner over it giving you a few extra inches. Just be sure to measure how long you’d need your liner (and rod) before you buy or make adjustments.

A third trick would be to buy a water repellent shower curtain and skip the liner all together.

Keeping a camper shower clean

It’s important to keep the shower area clean and dry, and you can do so by

  • purchasing the correct size curtain and liner
  • closing the curtain to allow for better airflow once your done showering
  • keeping the bathroom fan on a bit longer
  • washing fabric curtains regularly
  • purchasing rust free grommets
Blue shower curtain with rust free grommets.

Although we made a few mistakes when buying a curtain and liner, we were able to remedy them pretty quickly. So if you’re new to the RV world, I hope these tips and tricks were just what you needed help guide you in the right direction on what to look for.

Happy Camping! ~Sara

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