Little Girls creative closet idea

Little girls closet makeover -h2

Little girls creative closet makeover idea. When your furniture doesn’t fit, you have to get creative.  

It finally happened. The cheap particleboard dresser died. I mean it was 5 years old and completed a PCS move, so I can’t complain to much. But buying a new dresser was not in the budget. 

Luckily, I love second hand shopping!  I found the perfect dresser that came with just one problem.


When you move every few years you are hopeful things fit into place, but that doesn’t always happen. Most people sell things and move on…

Most people… 

Hi guys, my name is Sara and although I AM NOT a pack rat, I don’t like to throw things away. I love giving things away that my children outgrow! Toys, clothes… but when it comes to things like furniture, I’ve learned to get creative. 

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Little girls closet makeover-

Little girls closet makeover-getting creative

Upscale, Reuse, Repurpose

I love upscaling, reusing in a creative way and moving furniture 16 times before moving it back. I’m the woman who gets the floor plan for the new house on base and cuts to scale furniture shapes to see where everything will look best before the movers arrive. 

To much? Maybe 

Whats really to much is when the garbage disposal burns out and your husband kicks your pregnant behind to the neighbors so you are not smelling the fumes. Then you look around and say… have you ever thought about moving that picture over there?

Now THAT was to much. But the picture placement looked great! 

Getting creative with furniture placement

So the dresser wasn’t going to fit… but did that stop this women.. certainly not.. if I can’t fit that dresser, I’ll take the doors off instead. 

Of the closet.. sorry Dr. Seuss came out a little bit there. 

Most people should have doors on closets. Especially when your closet looks like that behind the doors. Yikes. 

But as you can see the doors are in the way. Its hitting the toy chest to the left of the picture and are just…. not necessary for a four year old. 

I thought about it a little more and the doors were defiantly coming off. But the dresser still wouldn’t fit… but.. the doll house would!

Removing the doors-Finding a solution

By removing the doors she now has a fun, creative play place. By adding a curtain we can still close it, but now without hitting the toy chest. 

This little area has become her favorite place to play. Its cozy, warm and a creative solution to making everything fit. 

Reusing items on hand

  • Curtains
  • Tention rod
  • Christmas lights 

This makeover was brought to you by… a needed dresser… and things I refuse to get rid of. 

When you move every few years it’s important to think outside the box. Next time you have a piece of furniture that just isn’t working the way it did at your old home, try getting creative with the placement or even the use of the furniture. 

And THAT is exactly how our dinning room hutch has become our TV stand. 

Best Wishes,


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Little girls closet makeover-
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