How to make a PVC Candy Cane

repurposed candy chute to candy cane

How to make a PVC Candy Cane from a repurposed candy chute. Easy step by step DIY Christmas decor on a budget.

This was the year to get creative for Halloween with a DIY candy chute. But now that Halloween is over, you might be tempted to throw it away to save on garage space.

I knew that wasn’t going to happen in this family. Not only was delivering candy through a chute so much more fun, there had to be something else we could do with it.

Like a giant PVC candy cane for the holidays!

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PVC candy cane

Did you hear my husband groan? “You want to do what?!”

And then there we were at Home Depot, buying PVC fittings and red glitter spray paint.

Learn how to make a PVC Candy Chute here.

PVC Candy Cane | Repurposed Candy Chute


  • 2- 90 degree PVC elbow fittings the same size as your candy chute
  • painters tape
  • white spray paint
  • red spray paint
  • glitter red spray paint (optional)

PVC Candy chute from Halloween


  • drill
  • hammer
  • reciprocating saw
  • saw horses


Start by dismantling your candy chute.

candy chute before repurposing it as candy cane
dismantling candy chute
using a hammer to remove fitting


We need to make two cuts on the PVC pipe. One at 7 inches (for the top of the candy cane) and one at 20 inches (for the curved part of the candy cane)

Attach elbow fittings and the two PVC pieces.

measuring the space between two elbow fittings
cutting the PVC pipe to size
Attaching and assembling the top of the PVC candy cane


Next we reused the candy chute stand to fit into the base of the PVC pipe. Since it was a 2×4 and our candy chute was only 3 inches round, we did a little trimming.

Attaching the plywood base to the 2x4 and candy cane.


Sand down the two 90 degree elbows so that the spray paint sticks. Spray paint the entire candy cane white and let dry.

base and PVC candy cane spray painted white.


Using wide painters tape, wrap the candy cane to make the candy cane stripes. Spray paint red. Let dry and remove tape.

Spray painting the PVC candy cane red.
Striped PVC candy cane next to blue door.

This is a great way to reuse and repurpose your Halloween candy chute. This PVC candy cane is over 7 feet tall! So keep that in mind when you think about where you’d like to place it.

Also make sure you secure it properly based on your climate. This stand works for us, but it most definitely would not work in areas with harsh wind and weather.

No, I didn’t decorate for the holidays just yet. After this make shift photo shoot, the PVC candy cane went back into the garage. But now it has another purpose! And we’ll bring it back out again real soon.

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