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DIY tomato cage christmas tree

Tomato cage Christmas Trees. Learn how to make these DIY outdoor Christmas decorations for your front yard this holiday season.

Every year we bring out the outdoor Christmas decorations only to be tad disappointed that we don’t have just a little bit more. But just like our thought on we’ll buy a new Christmas tree after Christmas, it’s the same with the outdoor Christmas decorations.

We say we’ll wait till it’s on sale after the holiday, and then we don’t buy it! So this year we decided to get creative with own spin on tomato cage Christmas trees.

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How to make a christmas tree from a tomato cage

The cashier thought I was a little nuts to be buying garden supplies in December, but hey! To each their own.


Materials for 2 Christmas Trees

  • 2 Tomato cages
  • 2-21 Feet (or more) outdoor lights
  • 50 Feet of green garland
  • 2- Colorful garland 15 feet or more
  • 2- Bows
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Garden staples
  • Zip ties

Outdoor extension cords

Duct Tap and Wrap your Tomato Cage

Tape the bottom of your tomato cage to make a point on the top of the tree.

Cut the 50 foot green garland in half and start to wrap it around the tomato cage, starting with the bottom (technically top) largest circle and working your way up.

tomato cage christmas tree supplies
duct tape the three rods together.
how to warp garland around a tomato cage

Zip tie the garland at both the bottom and top of the tomato cage to hold it secure.

Lights, Garland, Bow

Wrap your lights the same way you would around a christmas tree, securing them with zip ties. Do the same for the garland. Add a bow on top and your done! Two DIY outdoor Christmas decorations made out of tomato cages and garland. Remember to use the garden staples so the wind doesn’t blow them over.

tomato cage christmas tree with red bow
tomato cage christmas tree with garland and red bow

It’s not perfect, but it was a lot of fun to make with the kids! Our Christmas outdoor decor now has two more additions. And if you’re interested in the giant candy cane decoration, we made that too! Maybe next year I’ll try my hand at garden gnomes made out of tomato cages?

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Tomato cage Christmas tree DIY
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