Tomato Cage Gnomes + DIY Holiday Decor

Tomato cage gnomes DIY. Easy and creative project that can add a festive touch to your holiday decor. Made from a tomato cage and fabric.

This gnome decor just keeps getting cuter by the minute! Happy little gnomes in gigantic floppy hats with big noses sticking out of their fluffy beards.

But if you’ve followed along, then you know how this is going to go. I don’t have any! I’ll hold that adorable gnome for a second, look deep into its eyes and say “you are cute, but you’re not on sale.”

Back on the shelf the little guy goes as I walk away and the song, ‘you’ve got a friend in me’ from Toy Story plays in my inner monolog. Really he dodged a bullet because with my luck, the dog would have eaten him.

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Although that gnome may not have come home with me, I knew a gnome was in my near future. Because I had a couple of tomato cages, fabric and pins to create a fun holiday decoration of our own.


Materials you’ll need

  • tomato cage (the wire frame)
  • scarf (for his hat)
  • fuzzy vest (for his beard)
  • old shirt or sweater (for his body)
  • bandana (he’s stylish)
  • tree ornament and hook (for his nose)
  • clothes pins/safety pins (you can also use a hot glue gun)
Tomato cage and materials to make our own tomato cage gnomes.

Prepare the Tomato Cage

Start by turning the tomato cage upside down so that the narrow end is on top. This will be the gnomes body.

Duct tape the three ends together.

Shape the Gnome’s Body

Drape the sweater over the tomato cage, making sure it covers the entire frame.

Secure it using clothes pins or hot glue.

Duct tape the tomato cage together and slip on sweater.

Make the Gnome’s Beard

For the gnome’s beard I found an old fuzzy vest from the thrift store but you can also use white or beige fabric.

Attach the beard using clothes pis or hot glue.

Add the Gnome’s Nose

Attach the tree ornament either to the wire frame or hot glue it directly to the beard.

Add a vest or other material for the beard and tree ornament for the nose.

Attach the Hat

Wrap a large scarf or shall around the top for the hat. Leave a little extra fabric hanging over as a floppy hat, if desired. Secure with clothes pins or hot glue. Fluff and adjust as needed.

Pin and wrap around a scarf for the hat.

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Scarf and Accessories

For our gnome we added a red plaid scarf around his neck but you can also add;

  • a belt
  • buttons
  • eyebrows
  • yarn as hair
Finished tomato cage gnome in front of fireplace.

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Feel free to personalize your gnome by choosing different fabrics, colors and decorations to match your holiday theme.

And that’s it! A quick and easy DIY tomato cage gnome to call your own.

DIY gnome in front entry surrounded with holiday decorations.

He’s not perfect, but he sure is cute!

Best wishes for a beautiful holiday season with friends, loved ones and a gnome or two.

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