Garage Storage and Organization – Budget Ideas


Garage storage and organization on a budget. Products we used and tricks we learned to organize our small garage.

Just like any other room in our house, the garage gets messy. Especially if you use it the way we do. Half garage and half storage. By that I mean I get to park in the driveway while my husband’s antique car gets the garage.

It’s really no big deal though. We do a lot of DIY projects in the garage and the kids are always getting out their bikes.

But when you have a smaller garage, it’s important it stays organized and doesn’t turn into the photos I’m about to show you.

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Our garage is just your regular two car garage. It has cobwebs in the corners and scuff marks all over the wall. The last time it was painted was when the house was built in 2006.

Although painting the walls is on the list of things to do, it’s not on the list of things to do in the near future. And until then we still need to live with it! And that means being adults and organizing our things.


Does that photo make you cringe? Or does your garage look similar to that. It may look messy but really it’s organized chaos. We know where everything is, it’s just hard to get to it.

Bikes and kayaks needing to be organized.


We already had a few garage shelves we were going to utilize for this project, and last year we built garage shelving and a workbench combo. But we still needed to get things off the floor and utilize our wall space.

Wall space organization:

We took a trip to the home improvement store and found a few hooks to get this project started. Although we could have made it look awesome with a complete storage tract system, we needed to stick to a budget.


No one wanted to read that sentence, but really you need to start with a blank slate. Take everything out and repeat to yourself ‘it’ll all be worth it’.

Make different piles-

  • tear down boxes
  • throw away trash
  • donate pile

This part of the project is discouraging. It’s one of the reasons we had put the project off for so long! But when you can’t walk though your garage, you’re about a month past due on starting this project.

With two people organizing, you can get this done easily enough. Remember, these things are big and just need a better place to be stored. It may look overwhelming but you’ll feel much better once it’s finished.

Garage items on the lawn waiting to be organized.


The next thing we did was move the shelving from the side wall to the back wall, to use the larger wall for the kayak and bikes.

Measure and properly install your hooks and wall mounts.

By moving the shelving we were able to get the bikes and kayaks off the floor and onto the wall. Freeing up valuable floor space.

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As you bring things back into the garage look through them! Store like things with like things. Donate old books and let go of items that no longer serve their purpose.

  • look though everything
  • store similar items together
  • donate/give away things you have multiples of
  • put things on the curb with a free sign


Messy garage before photo
Clean garage after photo.
Before wall organization.
After wall organization.

There are more elaborate ways to organize a garage and this isn’t the most fancy garage out there. It’s just an average garage that needed a little TLC.

For us we were looking for storage solutions on a budget. And with a few hooks, wall mounts and straps we were able to get things off the floor and use the wall to organize our seasonal things that much better.

Best Wishes! ~Sara

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