Garage Storage and Organization + Real Ideas On a Budget

Garage storage and organization on a budget. Products we used and tricks we learned to organize our two car garage.

Just like any other room in our house, the garage gets messy. Especially if you use it the way we do. Half garage and half storage. By that I mean I get to park in the driveway while my husband’s antique car gets the garage.

It’s really no big deal. We do a lot of home DIY projects and the garage gets used as our workshop more than anything else.

But when you have limited space it’s important it stays organized and doesn’t turn into the photos I’m about to show you.

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The garage is just your regular two car garage. It has cobwebs in the corners and scuff marks all over the wall. The last time it was painted was when the house was built in 2006 and there is one hole in the drywall.

Although painting the walls most likely will not happen anytime soon, we still need to keep it clean and organized. And that means more than just a path through the center.


Does that photo make you cringe? Or does your garage look similar? It may look messy but really it’s organized chaos. We know exactly where everything is, it’s just nearly impossible to get to.

Garage Wall Space Organization Ideas

To get things off the floor we needed to utilize the empty wall space. Shelving is great, but when it comes to bikes, hoses, and kayaks, shelves were not the solution.

Bikes and kayaks needing to be organized.

Wall space organization Ideas on a budget:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Utility Hooks with Non-Slip Padding- Set of 12
    • Great for ladders, gardening tools, weed eater, power tools, shovels ect.
  • Wood Organizer and Lumber Storage Rack
    • Instead of having an unorganized pile of wood under the workbench or pushed into the corner, try this wall wood organizer. Keeping it easy to find the size lumber you need to get that small DIY project started.
  • Camping Chair Wall Storage
    • Comes with several hooks for more equipment and a shelf at the top allowing you to maximize your storage space.
  • Wall Mounted Vertical Ball Rack
    • Store basketballs, soccer balls, footballs and more in this long ball rack with bungee cords for kids to have easy access to their favorite equipment.
  • Hose-Strap
    • This hose strap keeps your hose tight in a neat circle and allows for it to be hung easily on the wall. Although it may not seem necessary, it sure does look nice having it hung up and easy to grab when your ready to wash the truck.
  • Bike-Wall Mount or
    • Swivel Wall Bike Mount- Increase space by using this swivel wall bike mount that allows the bikes to be folded closer to the garage wall.
  • Garage Storage Rail System with 20 Piece Set
    • This rail system is a bit more of an investment but the end results allow you to custom tailor the wall hooks to exactly what you need without adding more holes to the drywall in the garage.
  • Kayak-Hooks

Garage Ceiling Storage

  • Overhead Garage Storage Rack
    • This extra large 4’x8′ overhead garage storage rack holds over 600 pounds and includes a sturdy wire grid.
  • Garage 45 inch x 45 inch Overhead Storage System
    • Compact in size but still provides 30 cubic feet of storage for up to 250 pounds.
  • L- Shaped Overhead Storage Rack
    • Height adjustable and holds up to 700 pounds! This unique shape allows you to make the most out of that corner in your garage. Bonus- If you can buy two, you can turn this L- Shaped overhead storage rack into a U- Shaped storage rack. Maximizing your storage space and giving you the most out of your garage.

Garage Shelving Ideas

  • 5 Tier Adjustable Metal Utility Rack
    • 28″W x 12″D x 59″H This utility rack is on the smaller size for a garage but it does keep the budget in mind. With adjustable shelves you can made this unit work in small areas to maximize your small space.
  • 6 Tier Heavy Duty Garage Shelving Unit
    • 55″W x 26″D x 84″H with adjustable shelves and holds up to 35oo lbs! Use this completely has an entire storage wall or spit it in half to make a waist high workspace.

By moving the shelving we were able to get the bikes and kayaks off the floor and onto the wall. Freeing up valuable floor space.

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Cleaning and Organization Tips

Give yourself more space to clean and get organized by taking all the big ticket items out of the garage. Lawn mowers, bikes, kayaks, hoses ect. It’ll force you to clean it now and get it organized as you put things away and tear down the big boxes.

This part of the project is discouraging but with two people organizing, you can get this done easily enough. Remember, these things are big and just need a better place to be stored. It may look overwhelming but you’ll feel much better once it’s finished.

Make different piles-

  • tear down boxes
  • throw away trash
  • donate pile

Rearrange and Donate

As you bring things back into the garage look through them! Store like things with like things. Donate old books and let go of items that no longer serve their purpose.

  • look though everything
  • store similar items together
  • donate/give away things you have multiples of
  • put things on the curb with a free sign

Before and After Photos

Messy garage before photo
Clean garage after photo.

There are more elaborate ways to organize a garage and this isn’t the most fancy garage out there. It’s just an average garage that needed a little TLC.

For us we were looking for storage solutions on a budget. And with a few hooks, wall mounts and straps we were able to get things off the floor and use the wall to organize our seasonal things that much better.

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