Cinnamon Broom Gnome | Make your home smell like the holidays


Easy DIY Cinnamon broom gnome. Fun and simple homemade craft made from leftover items found around the house. Cute holiday gnomes.

Cinnamon broom gnome

Since the holidays are just around the corner, I’ve been seeing these amazing smelling cinnamon brooms in the store. It’s not something I usually pick up but every time I pass them, they call to me.

Saying things like “you know you want your home to smell like this. Come on… just put me in the cart.”

But they aren’t exactly a show stopper in the looks department. So I put the two friends in my cart and thought about the things I already had around the house to make this a fun holiday project.

Cinnamon broom gnomes made from an old flannel shirt and socks.

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Because that’s just what we do in my house. Instead of buying things for this simple craft, I wanted to try and make this from things I already had.

This isn’t overly complicated and there is no sewing or hot glue involved. You can make these gnome cinnamon brooms with just 4 things you most likely already have.


  • Cinnamon broom – Can be found seasonally at most local shopping stores
  • Old flannel shirt sleeve
  • Socks the dryer ate the mate to
  • Plastic shopping bags & rubber bands
broom gnome materials to include old socks, flannel shirt and cinnamon broom.

Trim the broom stick handle to the size you want the gnomes hat. Or shorter if you want your gnomes hat to flop over to the side.

Cut the sleeve off of an old flannel shirt and slip it over the broomstick.

Finished broom gnomes with giant sock noses.

Grab a sock the match has disappeared and stuff it with a plastic grocery bag we all have hiding under the sink or in the pantry.

Wiggle it through the middle of the broom (or now, the beard).

Tie a rubber band around the top and hide it with the fabric. Or make a ball using a square of shirt fabric and another plastic bag. Secure that with a rubber band and fold over fabric to hide the elastic.

And that’s it! I told you it was simple. Maybe a little too simple. But that’s ok.

I hope this inspires you to get creative, find your own flare and reuse things you already have on hand.

Oh and because I can feel that one person upset I cut a shirt… They were very loved thrift store finds that both girls have outgrown.

Best Wishes! ~Sara

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