The best snowman wreath for your holiday decor


Snowman wreath for your front porch holiday decor. How to make an easy snowman wreath this holiday season.

This year we’ve really gotten into the spirit of making our own DIY holiday decorations. From cute tomato cage gnomes with fuzzy beards, to dried orange garland over the fireplace.

So it’s no wonder that when I saw some grape vine wreaths at the thrift store, that they magically turned into a snowman.

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These wreaths were a bargain at the thrift store! So I couldn’t just leave them there could I. I mean I guess I could have, but what fun would that have been?



Materials for snowman wreath


We started this project by dusting off those bargain thrift store wreaths. Since they were all slightly a different color, I decided to spray paint them espresso for a classic look.

After finishing the job my oldest daughter came over.

Proudly looking at my creation, I asked her “What do you think?”

“What is it?”

“It’s a snowman for our front door.”

“Why didn’t you paint it white?”


So let’s take this back a step. Decided if you want an espresso snowman or a white snowman. And then don’t ask anyone what they think.


Tie the wreaths together. You can do this by using:

  • twine
  • ribbon
  • zip ties
Spray painted grape vine wreaths


Add a scarf around the snowman’s neck and decided on what you would like to use for the hat.

  • spray paint a coffee can
  • cut out cardboard/posterboard
  • find a bucket

If you’re using cardboard, it’ll be easy to hot glue them to the wreath. Otherwise you might need to get creative.

For this snowman we used an old bucket and amazingly enough, it’s the perfect size to fit snuggly on my door hanger with the wreath!

Scarf and hat for snowman

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Once your husband stops rolling his eyes at the early Christmas displays, it’s time to hang this bad boy up!

Snowman wreath hanging on blue front door.

Next time I head back to the thrift store I’ll be on the lookout for some red berries to tangle into each wreath, along with maybe some ribbon.

He might not be perfect just yet, but he’s a really cute start! And if everything had to be just perfect or not at all, it might look more like not at all. So think outside the box this season!

Looking for a smaller snowman wreath? Use only two wreaths.

I’ll probably tweak this guy as the season progresses. And to think of it… she might be right about the white paint.

Best Wishes! ~Sara

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