8 Foot garland Christmas tree to add to your DIY front yard holiday decorations

DIY Christmas yard decor. How to make an eight foot Christmas tree from simple holiday decorations and materials.

With each year we add a little more to our own DIY Christmas yard decor. Since decorations can get a bit pricy, we’re always looking for new ways to add something on a budget.

Even though the holiday decor is adding up, it’s still not a lot. And our neighbor’s classic decorations always leave us inspiring to decorate more like him.

The classic blue and white Christmas lights. Every bush wrapped in twinkling lights, garland draped along his front porch and a giant eight foot Christmas tree that our kids love seeing each and every year.

Wait… did he.. did he make that himself?!

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As with any home project, use proper tool safety and seek professional guidance.

I knocked on the door and asked to borrow his 24 foot ladder so we could hang up our lights along the roof this year. We chit chatted for a bit and I began my 20 questions in rapid fire about that Christmas tree.

It was a DIY project! And he gave me full permission to share it with you.


Eight foot Christmas tree – Materials

DIY outdoor Christmas tree from wood post and lights.

In the top of the post add 2 nails to secure the garland and light around.

Add another 3 nails halfway down the post to help stable it against high winds.

Rope to properly secure the post.

Begin to wrap the garland around each other.

Secure the post into the tree stand.

*Note- You may want to drill a hole in the bottom of the stand so that it does not retain water.

Tree stand to hold the post in place.

Stake the lights with the garland to the ground and begin forming the tree. Wrapping around the top and bringing it back down to the ground, taking care to stake them down securely as you go.

Continue to desired size.

Rope, garland and stand making the DIY Christmas tree.

*note- You can also do a full circle tree. Just be sure to approximately double the amount of garland and lights.

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Garland looped around the top of post.
DIY Christmas tree during the day.

The creative use of a tree stand with a few holiday decorations make this project a simple one that packs a huge punch once the sun goes down. Giving the space great depth and height.

Fully lit house with DIY Christmas tree yard decor.

Our neighbor really does have the best, classic, decorated house on our street. And every yard our girls look forward to Thanksgiving night, when he lights up his house and DIY Christmas yard decor, just for them.

Wishing you all this best this holiday season!


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