17 Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas| On a budget

17 fall fireplace decor ideas on a budget. Using accessories from around the house, and using them in creative ways.

Fall fireplace ideas on a budget

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love apple picking, the autumn leaves and walking the ocean beach with no one else there. Little pink noses from the cold and all the fall fireplace decor.

Even though it’s my favorite season, we have very little fall decor. And since we have big goals and are sticking to the budget, we’re going to need to get creative.

So how do I decorate for fall while sticking to the budget?

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Fall fireplace ideas on a budget

Truth be told, since I had no fall fireplace decor, I wasn’t even going to attempt to decorate my fireplace.

You see all those beautiful photos on Pinterest of gorgeous fall mantels. Over the top, highly elegant, massive fireplaces that have a budget to match.

Here we’re going to be a little more simple and a lot more creative.

Fireplace with child's rocking chair and family photos.
Fireplace mantel with American flag and family photos.

My journey for decor started at the thrift store to see what I could find. After browsing the store for 30 minutes, I checked out with a whopping 8$ spent for our fall fireplace decor makeover. With everything else coming from things we already had in our own home.

Fall fireplace decor with baskets, pumpkins and pillows


  • Baskets- get creative! wicker toy baskets, beach basket ect.
  • Blankets
  • Candles-fall colors
  • Lace- leftover lace from a project
  • Old Books- kids books, tractor books
  • Pillowcases- learn how to make your own envelope pillow covers!
  • Puzzles- farm puzzles, tractors, animals
  • Plants
  • Decorative plates
  • Dried branches arranged in a tall vase
  • Glass candleholders
  • Plaid accessories
  • Wooden Items -frames, old tools
  • Cinnamon brooms- How to make cinnamon broom gnomes
  • Serving trays with small gourds
  • DIY Pennant Banner
  • White Christmas lights
  • Fall colored accessories to include stuffed animals! Fox, raccoon, squirrels, deer ect.
Fireplace mantel with candles and fall accessories

I didn’t realize how many fall accessories I already owned! From the thrift store I bought lace, leaves, the bronze pumpkin and two small pumpkins under the fern.

Searching around my house I found that beach basket in the closet! Putting in my favorite gray blanket along with those pillows with fall envelope pillow covers I had made, were perfect for the instant cozy fall feel.

Fall mantel with old books and pumpkins

I gathered our old books and even decided to make my own fall pennant banner from fabric scraps and twine. By moving the fern over to the fireplace, we bring a pop of color and lively-ness to the area.

Fall pennant banner hanging from fireplace
Fall fireplace with baskets, pillows, plants and fall pennant

Looking around the house and gathering fall colored accessories, we were able to put together this festive fall fireplace. It may not be a lot but by concentrating the decor I already had in one area, we were able to make the fireplace a fall focal point.

So I encourage you to look around! Get creative. Even with a small fall budget you can come up with some fabulous fall fireplace decor.

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