Easy Fall Front Door Book Wreath + For Under $5

Easy fall front door book wreath for under five dollars. Simple DIY wreath made from an old book.

With each season our front door entryway changes. They aren’t exactly big changes but small changes are just as important to help you feel more in the festive spirit.

So even though you won’t find an abundance of mums lining our steps, or pumpkins and gourds aplenty. You will find last years clearance and thrift store finds that turn this house into a welcoming home each fall season.

To give us a bit of a change we’re adding a simple DIY wreath made from an old book, and we’re doing it for under $5.

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Oh your heart just sank. I could feel it. You’re tearing up an old book?

I know. I know. Trust me, I am far from someone who would tear up a book. In fact saving old books is one of my favorite things to collect and has my husband questioning why we would need a Young Folks Library book from 1902. Because we do!

So be sure to pick your old book wisely. Ones that are less old still have that amazing old book smell and if you’re really having a hard time with tearing out a few pages, check to see if you happen to have any old newspapers. They too come with a great book smell and look extra antique and vintage as they discolor to a faded yellow.



The only items purchased for this project was the foam wreath and book. The wreath was purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.25 and the book was purchased at GoodWill for $2.50. Everything else I already had on hand.

book wreath materials.


Gather your materials and heat up the hot glue gun. Start by tearing out a few pages of the book. Next, take a pencil or back of a paint brush and put holes around the foam wreath where you’d like your pages to be.

Next, fold the paper into desired shape. You can do this by gathering the edges together or even using a pencil or marker to fold the paper around.

Then add your hot glue and fill one hole at a time as you stuff the paper down using a pencil.

Before you finish the first row of pages, tie a ribbon for it to hang from on the front door.

*Note- You can skip poking holes in the foam wreath and just attach the pages using hot glue. I personally liked having the holes as a measuring guide.

Steps 1-4 photo instructions. Gather supplies. Fold paper. Add hot glue. Apply to foam wreath.


Continue along in this fashion and then make another row of pages towards the center of the foam wreath. Complete the circle and allow to dry.

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Once dry, fluff the pages to make for a more polished circle and display on your front door.

Steps 5-8. Fluff pages. Add additional decor to include fall flowers.


If you happen to have some fall flowers or other seasonal decor, be sure to add them for a pop of color.

This fall wreath can easily transition for Christmas by simply changing out the fall colors and adding a red bow or pinecones with berries.

Book page wreath with orange, white and red flowers.
Book page wreath with pinecone decorations.

My front door wreath and fall decor may be a little simple at the moment, but as autumn continues on we’ll add a few mums and carved pumpkins to our front entry. But really, it’s the simple changes that put a smile on your face when you come home from a long day.

And if you’ve never used a hat as a wreath before, you should! And you should display it proudly on your front door for spring.

Blue front door with tan colored hat as a wreath.
Fall front door book wreath hanging in front of a blue door.

Although this may be a small project, I hope it’s inspired you to think outside the box and to look around to things you may already have on hand.

Best Wishes,


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2 thoughts on “Easy Fall Front Door Book Wreath + For Under $5”

  1. Beautiful! I did something similar, except I used papers doomed for the shredder. Most offices have shred bins which would be an option instead of old books, perhaps? Thank you for the tutorial. Happy fall everyone!

    1. Karen that sounds like a great idea! As long as there isn’t any sensitive information, that sounds like a great way to recycle paper “doomed for the shredder.” An old magazine may work just as well. Thank you for the comment.
      Happy Fall!

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