10 Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages


10 Free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages for kids and adults. Enjoy some family time around the table with these fun printables.

Coloring is one of those things that everyone of all ages can enjoy. Kids never tire of it and it’s an easy way to get the family around the table participating in the same activity and still hold a conversation. Before you know it school age children are talking about friends they’ve made at school, who they play with at recess and what makes them laugh in class.

Littles are always looking to crawl into grandparents lap for a little cuddle time and maybe even their own booster seat for a better advantage at grabbing all the colored pencils.

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Whatever the reason and whatever the conversation, it’s definitely a time to look around and be thankful.

Hopefully you can find a few minutes outside of the kitchen to slow down and enjoy some coffee and coloring with the kiddos.


In these 10 free Thanksgiving printable pages you’ll find something for everyone. Older kids might enjoy the more detailed pages while toddlers will love the little turkey sitting outside of his barn.

Feel free to download the entire gallery at the bottom of this post or click your favorite images to download just a few of your choice.

Want the entire 10 free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages gallery? You can download the entire gallery by clicking the button below.

Once you’ve downloaded the coloring pages head over to your download folder and open the gallery. From there you can print the coloring pages from your home printer.

Do you have the coloring supplies?

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather together and enjoy each others company. It can be stressful with meal prep, cooking, dishes, hosting and a million other little things. But hopefully you find a moment or two to enjoy with a cup of coffee and coloring with the littles.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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